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patricia said,

16:13, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi there
Just a quick note to say thank you so much. I’m 14 months smoke free thanks to you guys.
Kind regards

Rene said,

16:10, Mar 09, 2015 #

Thank you!

That’s all I wanted to say- thank you!!!’


Helen said,

16:09, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi there

Thank you for your amazing book. I smoked for 20years then gave up using patches. 7 years later I started again and had been a smoker for another 3 years. Every day was a battle I hated smell, taste, cost, my horrible cough, my anti social side, lack of energy, and that the cigarette was the first thing I would think about in morning and all day. I have been free from the nicotine drug for over 3 weeks and will NEVER return to this disgusting habit again. THANK YOU ALLEN ITS BEEN EASY

Sent from my iPhone

Brooke said,

14:46, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi Allen,

My name is Brooke and I am 27 years old. I started smoking when I was 18 and continued to be a full time smoker until your book was recommended to me by a friend. I finished reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking exactly one year ago today and I haven’t had a cigarette since. It was the easiest and best decision of my life and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. I mean it more than I can say and I hope this message reaches you. I’ve promoted your publications to many people and I will continue to do so. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Best regards

Chris said,

18:11, Mar 05, 2015 #

My boss Andy quit smoking using this book. I thought oh god, he is gonna be impossible to work with. He wasn’t, he was fine. Even if I wanted a smoke break and reeked. I asked him was he pretending not to want one? I was intrigued he must feel denied. He insisted nope. He gave me THE BOOK. I have now been smoke free 6 months, i don’t even want a smoke. I hated the smell and still do. No more standing outside in the pouring rain for that tug. I cant thank Andy enough. Even more outstanding is that Andy has bought this book for 4 other people as well as passing his on. Sainthood anyone??

Christian said,

15:45, Mar 05, 2015 #

I started to drink while still in school. When I finished school I tried to quit drinking sadly with the willpower method. Not surprisingly the
temptation became to big and I started to drink again and it got worse and worse to the point where I would drink during working hours and basically just work for money to buy alcohol. I even stole money sometimes just to buy alcohol. It got so bad that the police had to be called twice and jailed me since I was dangerous to the people around me and myself. My life was hell. I contemplated suicide all the time since I felt there is no escape. I feared that I would lose everything and drink myself to death, but on the other side feared that I would be miserable without alcohol and at the time I believed the illusion that it was my only friend. I was previledged to get the chance to read Allen Carr’s Easyway to control alcohol. It changed my life forever. The first few pages convinced me to read the whole book cover to cover and everything became crystal clear. I would be forever grateful since that book not only saved my life and gave me a second chance, but it made my life enjoyable even more than before I even started to drink. I would recommend this method to anyone since it is not only the best method to quit drinking and smoking, but the ONLY method that works.

Bilal said,

22:10, Mar 04, 2015 #

Thanks to Allah then to your book
simply i enjoyed what i read and i quit.

fiona said,

15:02, Mar 02, 2015 #

I get it now , I can not believe it has taken me so long to read this great book ,

Fiona Kelly

Krzyś said,

12:53, Mar 02, 2015 #


Viktor said,

12:48, Mar 02, 2015 #

Just to say thank you. You opened my eyes. You are a genius!
All the best

Kath G said,

10:05, Mar 02, 2015 #

One week! In 45 years I have never managed that long. My hairdresser recomended the book and said it was like flipping a switch. Well mines flicked too. Thank you

Chickie said,

16:52, Feb 26, 2015 #

I have been smoking for 45 years, read Easy way to stop smoking on 12/29/14 and have not touched a cigarette since, don’t know how it works, but am glad it clicked, I am amazed that I don’t spend the day thinking about having one, I feel great, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Chickie J Collegeville Pa USA

Tammy Marcoux said,

15:18, Feb 25, 2015 #

UNBELIEVABLE!! I cannot even explain how well this works, I just know that it does! I feel like Allen gave me a whole new way to look at being a Non-Smoker! I have not craved them or even thought about missing cigarettes since I extinguished my last cigarette on Feb. 3, 2015. Until I reached the end of the book, I had no idea how easy it would be! Its wonderful to be a non-smoker and I want to spread the word! In fact, I have purchased extra copies of the book and I have loaned them out to people that want to be in the same situation as I am! Thank you so much Allen! I wish I could do more to spread the word!

James Charles said,

13:37, Feb 25, 2015 #

Just extinguished my final cigarette. Read the book and listened to the hypnotherapy CD. I feel my mind has been washed with clean water and all illusions of smoking have gone. I remind myself of all the disadvantages of smoking, and the advantages, which there are none! Been smoking for 10 years, and now, for the rest of my life i know i am a non-smoker and i will be for the rest of my life. THANKYOU ALLEN CARR!

Dan said,

11:39, Feb 25, 2015 #


I want to start by saying I am not one to normally email feedback, especially regarding a book or article I have read, however in this case I really do feel compelled to email you. I have just finished the “easy way to stop smoking” book and can not express my gratitude enough for the work all you guys have done to produce it.

I am only 23 years old, and have been smoking regularly for around 6/7 years despite being a keen sportsman as I have simply never been able to resist the temptation. Even when I stopped for 9 months previously, I would still end up smoking on nights out or having the “odd cigarette” and sure enough would fail time after time. Now, despite finishing the book just yesterday, I already feel like a non-smoker. I also smoke a lot of cannabis (daily) and i truly believe this book can be used to stop smoking anything – I am attempting to kick both habits together and believe I will do so based on the different mindset I now have.

I always believed I had an addictive personality, used smoking as a crutch to relax me, deal with my emotions etc but I am now excited to rid myself of this and realise that actually it was the smoking making me on edge, making me worry, making me insecure and unconfident etc and it is this which has made me email, to express my gratitude that this has been revealed to me.

Whilst I do not personally feel I can make a difference in what government and health professionals advise to help smoking, I will sure to recommend your book and your clinics as i truly believe it has been more helpful in just 24 hours than any e-cig or the like I have tried before – whilst I will never use nicotine replacement again now.

Again thank you Allen Carr for producing this book, and that is why I felt compelled to provide feedback!

Anna said,

11:02, Feb 25, 2015 #

Endlich Nichtraucher

Viele Grüße,

Anna Günter

Kari said,

09:53, Feb 24, 2015 #

Thank you Alan Carr for sharing your insight with all of us out in this world who were still “trapped” and “believing the lie”…what a gift your book is and I will forever be in your debt! Your book was a serious game changer for me. I am now 20 days smoke free…happier, less stressed, feeling better (physically and emotionally), and feeling oh so blessed to be one of the lucky ones who received your message loud and clear…Forever Thankful From California…Kat, Los Gatos, CA

Yvonne said,

05:02, Feb 23, 2015 #

45 years ago, I lit my first cigarette and promptly got hooked.
Smoked in the house, at the party, on a date, in the car, by the pool
and, how romantic, my boyfriend lighting two cîgarettes; one for me and one for him.
Continued smoking throughout my marriage.
During those years, I saw many changes
I smoked in the plane
Few years later, smoked in the back of the plane.
Then, Cigarettes were banned in the plane.
Lit up as soon as disembarking
in a little glass room at the airport.
A campaign to shame the smokers.
Went from cigarette advertised, to no advertizing, to anti smoking campaign.
I, as a smoker, watched friends stop smoking until I became the only one.
Refused to accept that cigarette is not good for me.
About10 years ago, smoking became a hardship. It no longer offered pleasure.
Always making sure I had a pack, the frustration of misplacing a lighter,
Looking for a place to smoke, disposing of the butt, averting my eyes as I smoked in the public.
Can’t smoke anywhere.
Marriage desolved, sad, frustrated, anxious, depressed and all other emotions.
Smoked too much, quit smoking, started again, got to quit, I can’t, smoke some more.
This went on for two years.
My dear friend had a heart attack and broke her back.
She was healthy in every way, so I thought.
I stopped smoking after I listened to …….Allen Carr
It’s been two weeks, I’m doing well. Berkeley, C A

Dee said,

22:01, Feb 20, 2015 #

I bought the book today and have read it in a day. I AM A NON SMOKER! Seriously, by the time I got to the end of the book I didn’t even want that last cigarette, but I followed the instructions and rang my best friend so she could hear me put it out and say the words.

Have decided to call my little monster Nigel so that when I do get the pangs I can point and laugh at Nigel and tell him to p*** off. I do not smoke.

This book has changed the way I think about smoking and has already changed my life. One less smoker in Bristol.

Thank you! YIPPEE!!

ismael said,

13:31, Feb 20, 2015 #

Changed my Life

my name is Ismael
I wanna make it short because im not even sure if you guys read it.
THANK you for saving my life more than once.
Smoking 6 years
Drinking 7 years
Taking hard Drugs 4 years
Gambling ( lost already tousands of dollars)
everything listed above is past thanks to you Allen Carr and people that work with him.
thanks you… you gave me my life back!
p.s: i finished the gambling book a few days ago.
It works like a BOMB!!!!!

Mike said,

08:41, Feb 20, 2015 #


I tried to quit smoking for over 40 years. Only after reading the “Easy Way….” book was I finally able to quit without much trouble at all. It’s been over three years and now I recommend the book to everyone!
Thanks so much,

Karen said,

10:07, Feb 18, 2015 #

I ordered this book from Amazon after a friend recommended it to me. I have tried several times to give up smoking the longest being for two years using an Inhalator, I never seemed to be able to forget smoking completely. Now after reading your book I have stopped smoking for two months without using NRT! I highlighted certain points made in the book and sometimes read these extracts again, if ever I do feel a slight urge to smoke my mind trains to things referred to in the book it’s amazing! I have started my exercise routine again and I honestly do feel great and very determined. I can only say thank you for helping me break free from the monster! HELLO life I’m back. Leicestershire United Kingdom

Mike said,

09:23, Feb 18, 2015 #

I tried to quit smoking for over 40 years. Only after reading the “Easy Way….” book was I finally able to quit without much trouble at all. It’s been over three years and now I recommend the book to everyone!
Thanks so much,

Anne said,

10:00, Feb 17, 2015 #

Thank you! After buying your book a few months ago I couldn’t read past the “ don’t stop smoking until you finish the book” never has any book taken me so long to finish. But after xmas I decided to try finish it. I haven’t had a cigarette since 5th January… I read the book about three times as I still don’t know how it worked? But the main point is IT DID… I have been a 20+ a day smoker for over 45 yrs!
Thank you

gary walsh said,

19:51, Feb 16, 2015 #

Hi team. Firstly I would like to say a massive thanks to allen for sharing his knowledge. To everyone else. I am not someone who has been offered anything to write a review. I do this because I feel the result of the book warrants a good review. Ok. I am a truck driver from Blackpool. I have smoked 30a day since I was 16. I am now 55. I was recently in prison and was having a bet with someone that we could stop smoking. After 2 days we called it off as we needed a smoke badly. I was an prison years ago and lost all privileges for 2 weeks. When they let me back on the wing the first thing I did was get a smoke. I could never stop smoking and my mind was set that way. Whilst in prison this time I was looking in the library and I saw the book called stop smoking now. I always give something a chance even if I don’t think it will work. I took the book back to my cell. It says you get hypnotic cd,s with the book but you can’t have them in there. I was sat on my bed after reading the book Over 2 days. I was smoking whilst reading the book. Not when it told me to but when I wanted one. It tells you to decide on your last cigarette at the end but I didn’t do that I got to the end and thought that ain’t worked. I had felt a tiny pulse in my brain is all I know. Reading the book I had no trust it would work and my reason for stopping was to save money. It’s not just the smokes you buy it’s other things you buy while you are there.anyway I got my tobacco to make a smoke andand I made a cigarette. Then I realised my body was not needing one. My mind was thinking about having one but there was no craving for a smoke. I felt like I couldn’t be bothered lighting it. I Put the tobacco away for a week and even got it out and sniffed it and made a smoke but after looking at it there was no interest to light it. I gave it all away after a week and have not smoked for 4 months. There was no craving at all and I was thinking about smokes for about five days but it was not unpleasant. I feel if you get this book just read it as a normal book and don’t expect anything from it. Just give yourself a could let of nights to read it. It is repetitive and boring but the results are amazing. I don’t care if you smoke or not but I am still amazed by how it worked for me. I never honestly thought I would be a non smoker. Thanks again. I really do owe you everything. I just learned of allen passing away. So sorry but whoever has took this over keep it up. It’s one of the few things that you don’t mind somebody making a profit from. Magical.

Tom said,

09:39, Feb 16, 2015 #

It was a long trip from Holland to Pepys road, but definitely worth it ! :)
It has been a week now since my last alcoholic drink, and it feels good to be free.

Cris hay is an outstanding therapist, the way he did the clinic was great. Very clear way of reversing the brainwash created by addiction.

Again, thank you very much !
My best friend will attend a smoking clinic now here in holland, i managed to convince her to go, talking about my wonderfull experience :)
Hope the dutch team will be as good, but i have no doubt you picked the right persons here also.


Jeffrey in Plano, TX said,

02:52, Feb 16, 2015 #

Thank you Allen Carr. Thank you. After 30 years of being a smoker, I can honestly say I am a happy non smoker. I bought the book over 10 years ago. I picked it up a few times over the last 10 years and began to read it but never finished because I knew I would end up quitting. It was that powerful less than half way through.

Once the shortness of breath started and I was not yet 50 I made the choice I was going to quit. I began the book for the final time in late 2014 at the age of 51 knowing this was it and I was going to complete it, and quit smoking. It was 15 days ago that I flushed what cigarettes I had left and threw away all my ashtrays knowing I’d never need them again.

Everything he say’s in his book is true. I found it easy to stop and never had any withdrawal pangs and I smoked a pack or two a day for 30 years! I could NOT believe it but it is true. I didn’t resort to eating nor switch one addiction for another it really is simple if you follow the instructions in the book. The first week was my hardest but the second has been so simple. When I say the hardest what I mean by that is I had the triggers at first that I had to overcome, yet even those were easy. I love you Allen Carr, you changed my life and I know you saved certainly saved it. Jeffrey S. Plano, Texas USA

Jay from Sydney, AUS. said,

20:53, Feb 15, 2015 #

I had my first cigarette when I was 13, but didn’t start buying decks of smokes until about 15-16. I’m now 27 and have smoked every single day of my life, until recently. It was clear that the habit was a relic of some beautiful bygone era that is seen in everyone’s mind’s eye in black and white film. (Another part of the big tobacco’s hypnosis through nostalgia and Hollywood) I was legally allowed to smoke ciggies in pubs and clubs for just shy of two years before the smoking ban can into effect. Although I’d already lost three grandparents plus a dear uncle to emphysema, the smoking ban was my first sign that I ‘should’ quit. So I did, for a few months. Then an argument with my girlfriend at the time gave me the perfect excuse to smoke furiously. So I was smoking full-time again even though I was a starving university student who would skip meals or even the bus tickets to class just so I could buy cigarettes. In the meantime, Australia began getting more serious about stamping out smoking and turning us into social pariahs. First there were big warning labels that took up half the packet, then came the insane tax hikes, then flavoured tobacco products were prohibited (for the sake of ‘the children), which was followed by massive photo warnings on all tobacco products until, finally, plain packaging. This was another sidewinder that forced me to quit. As a result of plain packaging, many brands stopped sending their products to the Aussie market. So I quit, for the dozenth time at least. I lasted a couple weeks without cigarettes, but caved while out drinking with mates. Once I’d caved, I simply made my peace with the eyedea of being a smoker, even with the constant tax increases guaranteed by the Australian government.
And then I left Australia.
First I was living in Seattle for about six weeks. I loved it. Cigarettes were the same prices as they were in high school, no photo warnings, and every brand imaginable within arm’s reach. I went mental, bought various brands I hadn’t seen in years, and smoked like a bushfire. I realized that it didn’t matter what brand they were or how cheap they were; it all tasted repugnant. I had romanticized smoking with something I could never get back, which was the novelty of it. During high school it helped ease me into the older crowds, meet some shady characters, and impress girls. When I’d left school, it was still permitted in pubs and clubs, so I still had the pleasure of poisoning others while enjoying a beer indoors. Then we were all forced outside, giving smokers another great thing to bitch about to one another and create further solidarity. These were some fun moments all courtesy of cigarettes, but the joke was over and I couldn’t laugh anymore.
I moved to Vancouver and found that while cigarettes were still significantly cheaper than Australia, they still had big, ugly photo warnings and limited brand selection. I knew I was probably going to quit. I’d run out of novelties. And then my housemate lent me a copy of Allen Carr’s book.
The book articulated things I’d known through others, but couldn’t internally rationalize due to my addiction. Allen Carr’s writing straightforward and repetitive, but that’s the sort of understanding you need when you’re trying to break an addiction. I put out my last cigarette last night. I can say that comfortably after reading this book. This book helped me understand how easy it is to change your mindset to that of a non-smoker and finally give up the lung biscuits.

Katie said,

13:03, Feb 10, 2015 #

I am from melbourne Australia. I read allen carr’s easyway to stop smoking. After 20 years of smoking around 30 a day, I have now been a non smoker for 8 days. I never ever thought I could do it without any form of NRT but I have! I just wish my husband would read it but I can’t make him. To all others I highly recommend this book and good luck. If I can do it, so can you

Kevin said,

19:39, Feb 09, 2015 #

28 year smoker who has finally kicked smoking for good. Can’t explain how it worked, but it has.

Thank you Mr. Carr!

Richard Thompson said,

18:16, Feb 09, 2015 #

Incredible, I stopped smoking. I smoked for almost 40 years, I was up to 3 packs per day and I was miserable. Not only did I always stink like smoke, I had no energy and was spending a fortune on my addiction. A Friend quit after reading your book so I decided I would order one from Amazon and give it my best shot. I smoked while reading the book all the while nodding my head in agreement with almost every point made, at the point where you smoke your last cigarette, I did. Nine months of freedom now and enjoying every minute of it. The personal freedom is a blessing and the money saved is awesome. I am a huge fan and am very grateful for the no nonsense approach you found to stopping this ugly habit. All the best, Richard form Palm beach gardens Florida

Jaqueline said,

12:06, Feb 09, 2015 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Csaba, Canada said,

12:04, Feb 09, 2015 #

Allen Carr = common sense, intelligence and desire to help and protect mankind. My hero!!!

Thank You


Achieng said,

08:20, Feb 09, 2015 #

So I am officially 3 years smoke free and totally pleased with me. I had a tooth extraction in January 2012 and had, as part of my ‘don’t‘s, no smoking or else I would be risking having a dry socket. The thought of the pain and potential surgery on my gum was enough to frighten this pain averse person into not smoking at all.

It was very hard to go cold turkey and so I listened to the Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking CD, which was a gift from a friend and which I had had for about 2 years and had listened to now and again but without any real commitment. I finally listened to the whole CD that January over 5 days, and have not touched a cigarette since. It really works.

Since I have been gifting friend’s and relatives – basically anyone who expresses a desire to quit with the CD. I understand that they will appreciate it when they are ready to and not a moment before and allow them to reach the place I did.

Gary said,

07:09, Feb 09, 2015 #


Here I am one year on and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips. This had been the happiest year of my life.

I drank every day , a gradual build up over the years exacerbated by the recession and financial battles.

Having stopped smoking 25 years ago after reading Alan’s book I decided to read the stop drinking version. I Half heartedly read this and decided to try the seminar instead. After a Friday evening of excess indulgence I visited the clinic on the Saturday morning.

A mix of people attended with varying tales to tell and all with the attitude of I would like to to do more with my life.

The course was fantastic and I have not considered having a drink since, not once.
I have lost 2 and a half stone , have a cant wait to get on with day attitude and am the happiest I have ever been.
Give it a go, what have you got to lose ?

Tess said,

11:54, Feb 08, 2015 #

Hi there

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me quit. I read the book and watched your recent free webinars. After 30+ years of smoking, I have been smoke free for 45 days now. I don’t feel like an ex-smoker, I feel like a non-smoker. Thanks to your method I haven’t had any cravings. My brain feels completely rewired and cigarettes means absolutely nothing to me.

Thank you again.


ion said,

11:45, Feb 04, 2015 #

I just wanna say thanx. Alan knows why :)

Jane & Tony said,

10:54, Feb 02, 2015 #

Thank you


Buying Allen Carr’s book easy way to stop smoking was the best thing that me and my partner has ever done. We both read the book together and have stopped smoking after many failed attempts in the past using the will power method.
Allen has become our hero and we are spreading the word about his good work to everyone we know who are still brainwashed ! God bless you Allen, you will forever live on x

Jane & Tony

Patricia said,

10:52, Feb 02, 2015 #

Thank you!

Dear Mr. Carr,

first sorry for my english, it’s not the best.
I’d like to say thank you for your book. I’m smoke-free since August 2014.
It wasn’t so difficult.
I’ve recommended your book three frieds and two are smoke-free too.
The third don’t finished the book. But I’m very hopeful that she is able.

Thank you!

Best wishes

Patricia from Germany

lisa groves said,

16:49, Jan 30, 2015 #

I never thought I would actually be able to do this and give up smoking. A friend of mine suggested reading the easyway to stop smoking book, I laughed at them thinking are they actually serious! The first time I read it was a few months ago and it was a half hearted attempt and within a hour I was back smoking :(. This time I was ready to do it I read the book and followed all the instructions as stated. I know its only been a few days however the actual smell of a cigarette when walking passed a smoker actually makes me heave now.


Jan Whitaker said,

05:18, Jan 30, 2015 #

I found Allen’s book some 12 years ago when I was a 2 pack a day smoker and had been for over 10 years. I was very sceptical as I had tried so many times to stop smoking. But what I liked best about his book is I didn’t have to stop smoking while I read the book! So I grabbed a cup of coffee and a cigarette and started reading – WOW is all I can say – I have been a non smoker ever since. A whole new viewpoint with lots of tips and techniques to take on board.

Amazing and thank goodness as I couldn’t support my habit now anyway!

So well done to all of you non smokers and I regularly pat myself on the back! What I like best is not paying tobacco taxes to the government and all that money goes in to my pocket not anyone else’s!
Spread the word – this guy’s a genius!

james said,

18:25, Jan 29, 2015 #

I read the book in Sep 2011 and successfully quit. I have not had one smoke and absolutely no cravings. Thanks Alan Carr

Melinda Arden said,

14:10, Jan 29, 2015 #

Jan 19 2015 Bought Allen Carr’s book Quit smoking now, read the book that day did as he said smoked my last cigarette and butted it. Haven’t smoked since. No cravings, happy to be free. Just dealing with I am not a smoker time, what to do is my trouble. But will not ever give into the trap again so not worth it.

jenny said,

22:41, Jan 28, 2015 #

1 week smoke free and go in strong! You may be departed Mr. Carr but you are still saving lives!!!! Love you!!!

jenny said,

11:58, Jan 23, 2015 #

I quit 2 days ago after reading the Easyway. I know this sounds silly but I thought it would be so much harder than it is. Its really early days but I feel so confident thanks to this book!

Kim, United States said,

14:55, Jan 21, 2015 #

Just celebrated my 8th anniversary of being a non-smoker. Have not spent one day of these past 8 years missing that way of life. I thank God for the friend who told me about the book, and I thank Allen Carr for changing the way I thought about smoking and why I did it. Once it clicked in my mind, I was free. Thank you for giving me my life back Allen Carr. Thank you.

Geoff said,

12:52, Jan 21, 2015 #

thank you so much for your reply and information.
I watched the webcast the same day you sent the link and I haven’t smoked since. Seriously! I can hardly believe it. After years and years of struggle to get rid of this, it seemed the easiest thing to do. I’m lost for words to describe it, Thank you for your help. and to all the people at Allen Carr’s easyway, for making this possible.

Lisa said,

10:30, Jan 21, 2015 #

Yippee I’m a non-smoker

Lisa 18.1.15
I’m free

Simon said,

10:24, Jan 21, 2015 #

Did the Alcohol Seminar in July 14. Just wanted to say that it did exactly what ‘it said on the tin’ and I haven’t had an alcoholic drink, nor wanted to, since leaving the seminar. As a professional sceptic I was prepared for it not to work as advertised. I’m beyond delighted that it did work. The fact that it is not signposted more widely by individuals, groups and organisations involved in helping people who wish to understand and adjust their alcohol consumption is telling – ignorance or conspiracy, eh?
Simon Woodhead

Lesley Summerfield said,

12:26, Jan 20, 2015 #

I am a week now SMOKE FREE.I have been a smoker from the age of 16 and am 54.I had tried twice before with patches,and gum then again with the Zyban tablets but had to stop taking them.I was recently ill with bronchitis but as we do kept smoking all the while telling myself I must stop.
I decided to buy Allen Carrs Easy way for Women to give up smoking.IT WORKED. It may only be a week but I know I will NEVER smoke again,I feel so proud of myself that I am free.

Thank you


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