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Denise said,

03:18, May 16, 2015 #

I am a non-smoker for life thanks to Allen Carrs easyway to stop smoking. I didnt realise how easy it could be and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. After many failed attempts to stop its hard for me to accept that I am finally a non-smoker for life. I read the illustrated guide to stop smoking and this helped me to open my mind and see what was really going on. I had been trying to understand how smokers could never have enjoyed a single cigarette they have smoked and now I fully understand why this is true although at first it was so hard for me to understand. And the truth of it is so beautiful. I am over the moon my mind has been blown open and I feel like I am free!! I feel with 100% certainty that I will never smoke again and I am still amazed at the simplicity of this method and how easy it is to stop smoking. I am forever greatful.

I now want to help others become non-smokers and I want more people including organisations that run the wrong stop smoking programmes. I also want to write to an MP. Every smoker should read this book. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou………”

Elizabeth said,

22:07, May 15, 2015 #

Well I just can not believe how easy it has been to stop smoking. I just could not put the book down. All the way through there were comments which explained exactly how I was feeling and why I had failed before. I have wanted to stop for so long and the book removed all of the fear. This is my 5th day of being a non smoker after 30 years of smoking and I know I will not put another cigarette in my mouth. I am so excited for my future now. Thank You Allen Carr, AMAZING ! Elizabeth from Birmingham UK

Sacha said,

15:11, May 14, 2015 #

What a revelation. Each time I’ve tried to quit in the past, I failed miserably. After reading Finally Free! (Easyway for Women), I confirm that I am a happy non-smoker. I have more time to do the things I love without being interrupted by the need to smoke. Thanks so much! (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Ofear said,

05:07, May 14, 2015 #

salute !
saved my life
fixed my life
changed my life
cleaned my life
helped my life
reset-ted my life
relaxed my life
respected my life
protected my life

im alive like never before !

read the book – listened to the audio until I was brainwashed by myself.
it worked flawlessly
I quit @ 8.8.13, and will never go back.

since then :
- lost 60 pounds of fat – gained 10 of muscle
- gone vegan
- started running barefoot, completed 4 half marathons.
- enjoyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing life !

s a l u t e


Tina said,

00:50, May 14, 2015 #

Today is the two week mark for me. I know I will never smoke again and I am so happy about it. It hasn’t been 100% easy, but I really feel amazing almost all the time. Thank You!!!!!!!

Mark said,

12:33, May 13, 2015 #

Horay , I am non Smoker after 15 years !

Best wishes !


Jennifer said,

12:32, May 13, 2015 #

My name is Jennifer and I live in Ohio. I’ve been a regular smoker since I was 15 years old. I’m about to turn 32 in a couple of weeks. I have tried a few different ways to try to quit smoking. The most recent was through the Ohio quit line. They sent me patches and I made it about 2 weeks. I was so motivated at first and then not at all. The patches made me ill after a while and I tried cutting them in half nothing worked. I ended up right back to smoking. Skip forward 6 months. I got a positive pregnancy test! I knew I just knew I had to quit. But had no idea how. This will be my 5th pregnancy with 1 living child with no reasons why. This was extremely important! I googled until I couldn’t see anymore just when I was about to give up I found your book. I honestly thought how silly.. but I read it anyway. A week after reading I knew it was silly and I was still smoking. I read it again. The day after I finished I woke up with 3 cigarettes left. When I got to the last one.. my ash tray was full, it was gross, it smelled, and I just felt like this is it… I do NOT want to do this anymore! I had none of my typical panic anxiety attacks which got really bad in previous attempts. I was just done. It was like I had never smoked before. It was normal. I didn’t even say anything to anyone I just stopped. Soon people just noticed. I went to my first doctors appt and was able to tell them I had not smoked in 2 weeks and they marked me as an ex smoker. We heard a heart beat which had not happened with the previous 2. It’s been a month since I quit and my pregnancy is progressing well. I feel like I owe you so much!! Clearly it can’t be proven that my quitting helped my pregnancy but I absolutely feel like there would have been the same results had I not quit. Thank you soooo much!

Nicola Carter said,

20:41, May 11, 2015 #

I thought I would never be free, it’s something i do and have done for as long as I remember. And it’s just unfortunate that I continue to do it all day everyday and always will. Is what I thought I would have to suffer for starting it off so young ! my whole life depended on it! Working like a truper to pay for it ! Never having luxurys I e perfume new clothes salmon for my supper ! Fags smoking always come first Well known for carrying my packet and a spare in my bag sure to never run out ! I’m so happy I’m so very proud of my self ! I thought my night mare would never end ! I thank Mr Allen Carr for removing my brain washed mind for 20 years putting it all in to prospctive . What a realisation and wake up call iv had and Easyer than I ever thought possible xxx I feel amazing in every way xxx Nicola from Folkestone in Kent

Angelika said,

21:39, May 10, 2015 #

I left a message here several times so others could use either a book or cd. It is easy and it’s working. Today is my 6th anniversary of not smoking. Thank you again!


04:18, May 10, 2015 #

I would like to thank Allen for his Easy Way method of giving up cigarettes. Over 30 years I have tried to give up with various methods of nicotine patches, gum, hypnosis, deprivation and finally e-cigarettes to absolutely no avail. Today is 1 month free of cigarettes and even though this is not a long time. ..I have no interest in smoking. .I feel liberated from them and even when I smoking company have absolutely no desire to get involved with this addiction again. THANKS SO MUCH ALLEN..I have already saved heaps of money and feeling more confident as you said I would .. And I owe this to you and your method. ..

Marlene Voges said,

13:04, May 08, 2015 #

Good day, I just want to thank Allen Carr for his book Allen Carr’s Easy Way to stop smoking. I was given the book by a friend and read it last year January 2014. It helped me to stop smoking after 40 years. Never felt better. Gone are the craving, anxiety and bad smell.
Keep up the good work.
Marlene Voges
Western Cape
South Africa

Matthew said,

03:08, May 07, 2015 #

I let the EasyWay book sit on a shelf for over five years, a gift from a family member. After 14 years of smoking, eight months ago I picked it up off the shelf. At the time I started reading, I already did not want a cigarette and struggled to keep smoking while reading. I started to loathe myself for polluting my body with that disgusting crud, for being stupid. About halfway through the book I had my last cigarette and have not touched one since nor have I been inclined to. Of course I finished reading the book with numerous “dog eared” pages that I really enjoyed reading more than once.

Most of the people I know; smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers, are astonished at the relative ease with which I, with the help of the EasyWay, stopped smoking. The rest have that look in their eye, they think I’m lying. To my own delight and a few strange looks, I would find myself saying aloud in public with a huge smile on my face, “FRRRREEEEEDDDOOMMMM!” Now I jog and bicycle all the time, I started playing hockey again, lengthy day hikes, backpacking. Like a phoenix from the ashes of all the cigarettes I smoked, I am reborn and will never smoke again.

I recommend EasyWay all the time to anyone willing or pretending to listen. In some cases I have even bought the book as a gift. I am so excited for all the things to come, thank you!

Toronto, Canada

Michaela said,

10:08, May 06, 2015 #

Hurra! Ich bin Nichtraucher.



Dr Ruben Encasrnacion said,

08:32, May 06, 2015 #

The smoking dreams/nightmares from the 2nd to 3rd weeks were scary! I would wake up from a light sleep, thinking and tasting (probably from the residual nicotine still in my system) that I had just smoked! What a relief to realize after just a few blinks that I was still “peacefully riding my horse.” I kept at it. Today, May 6, I am at the end of my 21st day as a nonsmoker! Enjoying every minute of it, while being carefully reminding myself that there is nothing to miss and everything still to gain. From a clinical psychologist in Manila, Philippines.

Geert Van Conkelberge said,

07:34, May 06, 2015 #


After years on trying to stop smoking, and by using all types of nicotine alternatives, I found out the book of Allen Carr.

He helped my with the psychological effects to stop smoking.
The day after reading this book, on 16 May 2012, I have stopped smoking without any problem !

Thanks Allen, you saved my life !
I am so happy that I did it …

AND To all… stop smoking is not difficult, it is all in the head

Paula Liberty said,

21:30, May 04, 2015 #

I have been tobacco free for nearly 2 years now. I am taking wellness coaching classes. I want to know how I could work for you in the future. All my best, Paula Liberty Denver Colorado. And I still review my list from time to time & love the CDs!!

Teresa Patterson said,

17:30, May 03, 2015 #

This is what i posted on my facebook today…
“After over 35 years of smoking i’m finally free!!! One month ago today I quit cold turkey and was happy to do so!! It really works!!! It’s amazing! If you want to quit, read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking” If i can do it, anyone can! Thank you Allen Carr, you rock!!!”

And i meant every word! my daily morning pounding headaches are gone (i thought they were caffeine headaches!! crazy!) my legs aren’t aching anymore, my cough is almost totally gone, i have more energy, i can take a deep breath without pain! I could go on and on and on…. I just can’t believe it! I’m so happy! Allen, I truely feel like you’ve saved my life!!! Thank you! Teresa

Antonija said,

11:12, May 03, 2015 #


just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve read book “Easyway to stop smoking” and although I thought I was so addicted and have to smoke every few hours, and had to take a break from everyday responsibilities along with a cigarette – I just did it, easy like that, with no problems, with no pain and with a constant feeling of happiness!

I’ve never even had intention to read a book about stop smoking, have to say I didn’t believe a book could help me “brainwash” my own brain. For seven years I’ve had people around me telling me how I look bad with a cigarette, how it smells and how expensive it was. But I ignored that, cause I thought I was sooo addicted and could not stop no matter what. So one day, a couple of months a go I found this old book from 1991 with a title “EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING” in a local library and took it (it was decommissioned) along with a bunch of other books (3 of 15 was about quitting smoking). I started reading it that day and I stopped when it said – dont stop smoking until you read the book!
I didn’t read any more, until this day I promissed to my brother I will stop smoking to help him lose his much worse addicton (gambling)! I was determined I will stop smoking and I will not lie to my brother just like I didn’t want him to lie to me how he does not gamble, but secretly he does…
Then, in just one night, I read the book completely and thank God I did!!! That old book is now with me like a pack of cigarettes in the old smelly days. The only down feeling I get now and then is that it is not fair I got rid of my addiction so easily but my brother needs a lot more time, strength and power of will.

Allan Car – God bless you, rest in peace!

John Clayton said,

23:40, May 01, 2015 #

On december 12th 2000 I finished reading your book.
I quit at 12noon and I have not had a cigarette since.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Heart Failure
and given a triple bypass after a myocardial infarction.

Doubt that I would have made it through the operation
and recuperation if I was still smoking.

It’s six years since the heart attack and I retired officially then .

I still have HF but thanks to my wife, doctors, my diet and my
Determination, it allows me to exercise 3x per week.
My regime is 5km on the treadmill in 45-46 minutes followed
by 5km on a recumbent bike and then lifting and stretching
Exercises I do 5,000+lbs.

Thank you
For giving me the last 14.5 years and
living well with HF(heart failure)

Razvan said,

11:02, May 01, 2015 #

Dear Mr.Carr

There are not enough words to thank you for opening my mind.I started reading your book,and I couldn’t stop untill I reached the last page.Reading your book made me drop tears of joy,because you gave me self-confidence like no one else.I don’t know how you did,or what you did,but you made me feel like a winner,ready to face the world and get out of the vicious circle cigarettes put me in.I never thought it would be this easy to change my lifestyle and become the person I once was,that healthy,full of life and optimist person. Thank you again for opening my eyes,and congratulations for all this work that you are doing.You are doing an amazing job!

Thank you again for changing my life!

Best regards,

Razvan Budai

Popgeorgieva Bilyan said,

11:00, May 01, 2015 #

Sehr geehrte Kursleiter Kursleiterinnen,

ich bin 17 Jahre alt und habe das Buch “Endlich nichtraucher” in wenigen Tagen zu Ende gelesen. Jetzt weiß ich, dass ich nie wieder rauchen muss bzw rauchen werde. Wäre Allen Carr noch am Leben würde ich ihm persönlich dafür danken, dass er diese furchbare Gehirnwäsche beseitigen konnte.

Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Popgeorgieva Bilyana

richard said,

18:23, Apr 30, 2015 #

i smoked for 30 years, tried several times to quit with no joy.Read book in one day, threw my cigs in the bin and 3 years on i have never had or wanted another one. Many thanks Allen however it works.

Mary said,

18:46, Apr 28, 2015 #

Day 4 – but I KNOW I will never touch another cigarette. I am a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life. Thank you. It works!

Dale Meyer said,

22:35, Apr 27, 2015 #

I quit smoking 2 months ago (32+ years) by reading “Stop Smoking Now” over three days of AA Meetings at an Alano Center near Seattle WA. This was odd as AA members are ~70% smokers or now “vapers” so they were all around me. Nevertheless, I told many of them what I was doing, and even stood outside while they vaped or smoked (or both). Not to prove anything, but to claim I was no longer a smoker at all.

I have not had a slip, crave or urge since then and have been exercising and lost ~ 10 lbs. Everything the Book said has come true, though I’ve had to work at some of it. e.g. made lists of little sayings and affirmations that I can recall instantly and sometimes repeat as a mantra or chant when things are slow. Mostly, I constantly remind myself how proud I am to be a healthy non-smoker now after 30+ years. Am absolutely convinced I will never go back to nicotine.

sage said,

20:43, Apr 27, 2015 #

I am 33yo woman who had been smoking at the bus stop at school and got hooked to the little monster from the age of 14. I was not sure if it was me never being ready or what but my husband threw this book at me (literally) about 3 yrs ago and begged me to read it…er well I didn’t and I really wish I did as your book works!!!!!! I can’t believe it. I was out with a friend of mine who smoked a lot one evening I was going out for one and she goes ‘I quitn I said ‘you quit how!\??’ She mentioned your book was amazing that she stopped so I thought I have to try.
I am so impressed that I am now reading the control drinking one…I’m hoping to become a much happier healthier person through you. You have given me hope. I feel my organs saying thank you Allen!!! I will continue to shout your praises from the rooftops it’s so odd why everyone else isn’t doing the easyway. Thank you x

Nikki said,

03:01, Apr 26, 2015 #

Thank you!!! I admit I’ve only been a non smoker for four days, but this time I KNOW I’ll never smoke again. I’m so thrilled! The only thing that remains is my anger at myself for not doing it sooner (I smoked for 26 years) and anger at our government and big tobacco for selling a lie and padding their pockets with the profits based on others’ sickness and death. Thankful to be FREE!

Gerald said,

00:36, Apr 25, 2015 #

Thank you, I am free and very happy.

Never thought it would be so easy. Such an intelligent yet elegant system. Genius

I love you guys, thank you for saving my life. Eternally grateful. Please advertise more and spread the clinics worldwide. We need to combat nicotine – the biggest and most pernicious con job in the world, that keeps the world in slavery/

Thanks again, I will NEVER have ciggie (or other nicotine delivery systems) again. Bless you.

Sarah Allen said,

16:05, Apr 23, 2015 #

I smoked my last cigarette at the Alan Carr clinic on 30th December 1998 and have not wanted to touch one since! If anyone out there is in any doubt please just go for it – free yourself from cigarettes! Sarah – 17 years a non smoker!

Kavindra said,

16:03, Apr 23, 2015 #

I have attended 27th November session at your Birmingham branch.
Thank you for helping to quit.
KK Singh

Jovana said,

15:57, Apr 23, 2015 #

Dear Mr. CARR,
All I want to say is thank you. Thank you a million times. This book is your gift to humanity. I’m not good with words, and I do not know how to describe this feeling when I realized that I’m not a smoker. While I was reading the book I lit a cigar, and he immediately went out, I do not understand why I was even burned.
You have helped me as well as thousands of other people, and for that I thank you … thank you from the bottom of my heart, all ended without agony and stress.
I hope you all understand what I wrote, I am from Serbia, so I apologize if there are some mistakes in this text ..
I wish you all the best in life and to remain the best in the business.
Sincerely, another healed soul, Jovana

Graham said,

15:56, Apr 23, 2015 #

Yippee I’m a non smoker

Dear Allen,
I have been using champix and I have just read your book in one sitting. You have made it all so clear thank you.
I am not giving up smoking I am a non smoker.

Sam said,

15:55, Apr 23, 2015 #

Thank you very much for your book. I had quit before and what got me was thinking that I would be longing for that one cigarette forever and eventually I fell back into the trap. Now I am excited to never smoke again. I feel free now. Thank you so much!!


Caroline said,

15:55, Apr 23, 2015 #

Hi Allen,

Just to let you know that your book that has taken me forever to read (because of my very busy schedule) has worked for me. I did find that all you wrote in the book was so true.

I have been smoking for 38 years and three years ago I gave it up cold turkey for three years. Being around my family that smoke did not help and I was weak and had the occasional one which is so right what you said, I fed the nicotine into my lungs and there I got hooked again. This time I am not going to go back because I know how it so disgusting.

Thank you so much. I wish I was a rich lady. I would have bought heaps of books just to help my family and friends.

Regards and thank you once again.


Nathaniel said,

12:58, Apr 20, 2015 #

I finished the book today and smoked my last cigarette and I feel so good – I’ve stopped countless times in the past and I’ve only ever felt this way after months of abstinence – I attribute this difference to a positive mental attitude (PMA) which is encouraged in the book – I am a non-smoker again and I already feel mentally cleansed from this addiction. Thank you Allen and team and all the other non-smokers who have endorsed this method.

Geri said,

11:17, Apr 19, 2015 #

It’s been 12 weeks since my final cigarette in Watford. A previous review posted here gave me the push I needed ‘the hardest thing is to book & show up’. I’d been a smoker for 30 years & am still in awe of the fact I am now a non-smoker. The workshop led by Emma was interesting, insightful & surprisingly enjoyable. I would encourage every smoker who wants to give up to give this a go. Thank you Emma!

Sarah Johnson said,

11:15, Apr 19, 2015 #

After 37 years of smoking,not to mention choking myself !! I never thought it was possible to stop. I read the book and had a moment of revelation before I extinguished the final cigarette. I am so grateful to Allen Carr for opening my eyes and enabling me to be a happy non-smoker. I turned 50 years old 5 days after that last cigarette and I feel free from slavery, it is the most wonderful thing I have ever done. Thank you.

Byron said,

11:13, Apr 19, 2015 #

Thank you thank you!

I have been a moderate smoker and yet trying to quit smoking for most of my adult life. “ the easy way to quit” finally did it for me. After three months I can safely say I’m free from my addiction. It feels miraculous. I will always keep this book very close to my heart and thank you from the bottom of it.


Joe Diskin said,

11:12, Apr 19, 2015 #

My failed attempts at quitting had left me utterly miserable and convinced that I needed and wanted cigarettes in my life. But now, after reading Stop Smoking Now, I am a happy non-smoker with the bonus of more confidence and belief in myself! Thank you (from Birmingham, UK)

Karyn said,

10:59, Apr 19, 2015 #

Hi, I attended the seminar in Bristol on 23 March 2013 – and I am a non smoker. I am really thankful that I gave it a go and have never looked back. I can’t even imagine myself as a smoker now! I just wish I hadn’t wasted time trying all the other stop smoking aids. I wasn’t sure when I left the seminar if it had worked, but 2 years later and smoke free proves it! Thank you so much Charles.

Andy R. said,

02:23, Apr 17, 2015 #

“The Easy Way” is no joke. My sister recommended this book after she successfully quit smoking. After getting the book, I let it sit around for about two months. I finally read it. After finishing this book I have not had a cigarette for two years. No crazy withdrawals either!!!! Absolutely amazing. I have recommended this book to every smoker I know.

Coral said,

04:01, Apr 15, 2015 #

I have had many bumps along the way but I am happy to say I am smoke free and proud. Everyday without a cigarette is a joy.

ShhBrad said,

03:49, Apr 15, 2015 #

905 days Nicotine free. 21,720 cigarettes not smoked, $7,819 saved. Thanks to Allen Carr and The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

Jessica S said,

23:28, Apr 14, 2015 #

I knew it was time to at least “try” to quit when I made a deal with my 6 year old son that he could play a game on my phone in the car if I could have a “yucky” as he called them and hated them. I was on Pinterest one afternoon and I searched ways to quit smoking, I seriously considered the cream of tartar method and then the next Pin I saw was one of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book, I downloaded it that second on my Kindle and read it almost every night. I got to the last section of the book and I even told myself on my way to work on Monday March 30th, 2015 that I would at least “fake” that I was quitting and that I had smoked my last cigarette. That last cigarette was so gross I gagged and carried on and almost vomited from it and I choked I couldn’t wait to throw it out the window. Today’s its been 15 days and I can sit here and tell you I will never smoke another cigarette for as long as I live. When I first started reading the book I thought there was no way that anyone who has quit loves cigarettes as much as I do or they would never quit. Guess what!!! I quit!!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son said he was sooo proud of me!!! Benton, Pennsylvania, USA

Ryan said,

11:52, Apr 14, 2015 #

I was a smoker for roughly 10 years on and off. Numerous attempts to stop in the past ended in failure!

The book helped me stop with relative ease (bar a few mild cravings), although I think it helps if you really want to stop. I haven’t touched a cigarette in over a month now and thats even with my girlfriend still smoking. Best thing I’ve ever done!

Thanks :)

Kat said,

22:57, Apr 13, 2015 #

I just finished your book and it’s like magic! Thank you very much for giving me my life back. I’ll be telling my friends to hurry up and read it.

Best wishes,

simon cook said,

06:06, Apr 12, 2015 #

I finished reading the book 4 weeks ago. I followed the instructions and I found stopping very easy. Unbelievable,and I’ve not craved a cigarette since. Thank you.

Juan Delfino said,

20:16, Apr 09, 2015 #

I stopped smoking by reading the book. The most amazing thing was knowing WHY I smoked, so I could know the enemy… Now I am free!!! THANKS!!!!

Max said,

07:53, Apr 08, 2015 #

12 months and 1 day today and boy was it easy. Thanks so much Easyway.

I believe so much in the Easyway.


Michael said,

07:42, Apr 08, 2015 #

Dear Allen,

today was PERFECT to say goodbye to the most stupid habit on the world :-)))))))))

Thousand THANKS for your help. Many, many of this “poor” people will get your book from me.

You will here from me again in three weeks, when the monster is OUT of my body.


BEST regards from Austria,


Jacinta Farrell said,

18:09, Apr 07, 2015 #

after too many years a smoker, im finally free… thank you

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