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Katie said,

13:03, Feb 10, 2015 #

I am from melbourne Australia. I read allen carr’s easyway to stop smoking. After 20 years of smoking around 30 a day, I have now been a non smoker for 8 days. I never ever thought I could do it without any form of NRT but I have! I just wish my husband would read it but I can’t make him. To all others I highly recommend this book and good luck. If I can do it, so can you

Kevin said,

19:39, Feb 09, 2015 #

28 year smoker who has finally kicked smoking for good. Can’t explain how it worked, but it has.

Thank you Mr. Carr!

Richard Thompson said,

18:16, Feb 09, 2015 #

Incredible, I stopped smoking. I smoked for almost 40 years, I was up to 3 packs per day and I was miserable. Not only did I always stink like smoke, I had no energy and was spending a fortune on my addiction. A Friend quit after reading your book so I decided I would order one from Amazon and give it my best shot. I smoked while reading the book all the while nodding my head in agreement with almost every point made, at the point where you smoke your last cigarette, I did. Nine months of freedom now and enjoying every minute of it. The personal freedom is a blessing and the money saved is awesome. I am a huge fan and am very grateful for the no nonsense approach you found to stopping this ugly habit. All the best, Richard form Palm beach gardens Florida

Jaqueline said,

12:06, Feb 09, 2015 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Csaba, Canada said,

12:04, Feb 09, 2015 #

Allen Carr = common sense, intelligence and desire to help and protect mankind. My hero!!!

Thank You


Achieng said,

08:20, Feb 09, 2015 #

So I am officially 3 years smoke free and totally pleased with me. I had a tooth extraction in January 2012 and had, as part of my ‘don’t‘s, no smoking or else I would be risking having a dry socket. The thought of the pain and potential surgery on my gum was enough to frighten this pain averse person into not smoking at all.

It was very hard to go cold turkey and so I listened to the Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking CD, which was a gift from a friend and which I had had for about 2 years and had listened to now and again but without any real commitment. I finally listened to the whole CD that January over 5 days, and have not touched a cigarette since. It really works.

Since I have been gifting friend’s and relatives – basically anyone who expresses a desire to quit with the CD. I understand that they will appreciate it when they are ready to and not a moment before and allow them to reach the place I did.

Gary said,

07:09, Feb 09, 2015 #


Here I am one year on and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips. This had been the happiest year of my life.

I drank every day , a gradual build up over the years exacerbated by the recession and financial battles.

Having stopped smoking 25 years ago after reading Alan’s book I decided to read the stop drinking version. I Half heartedly read this and decided to try the seminar instead. After a Friday evening of excess indulgence I visited the clinic on the Saturday morning.

A mix of people attended with varying tales to tell and all with the attitude of I would like to to do more with my life.

The course was fantastic and I have not considered having a drink since, not once.
I have lost 2 and a half stone , have a cant wait to get on with day attitude and am the happiest I have ever been.
Give it a go, what have you got to lose ?

Tess said,

11:54, Feb 08, 2015 #

Hi there

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me quit. I read the book and watched your recent free webinars. After 30+ years of smoking, I have been smoke free for 45 days now. I don’t feel like an ex-smoker, I feel like a non-smoker. Thanks to your method I haven’t had any cravings. My brain feels completely rewired and cigarettes means absolutely nothing to me.

Thank you again.


ion said,

11:45, Feb 04, 2015 #

I just wanna say thanx. Alan knows why :)

Jane & Tony said,

10:54, Feb 02, 2015 #

Thank you


Buying Allen Carr’s book easy way to stop smoking was the best thing that me and my partner has ever done. We both read the book together and have stopped smoking after many failed attempts in the past using the will power method.
Allen has become our hero and we are spreading the word about his good work to everyone we know who are still brainwashed ! God bless you Allen, you will forever live on x

Jane & Tony

Patricia said,

10:52, Feb 02, 2015 #

Thank you!

Dear Mr. Carr,

first sorry for my english, it’s not the best.
I’d like to say thank you for your book. I’m smoke-free since August 2014.
It wasn’t so difficult.
I’ve recommended your book three frieds and two are smoke-free too.
The third don’t finished the book. But I’m very hopeful that she is able.

Thank you!

Best wishes

Patricia from Germany

lisa groves said,

16:49, Jan 30, 2015 #

I never thought I would actually be able to do this and give up smoking. A friend of mine suggested reading the easyway to stop smoking book, I laughed at them thinking are they actually serious! The first time I read it was a few months ago and it was a half hearted attempt and within a hour I was back smoking :(. This time I was ready to do it I read the book and followed all the instructions as stated. I know its only been a few days however the actual smell of a cigarette when walking passed a smoker actually makes me heave now.


Jan Whitaker said,

05:18, Jan 30, 2015 #

I found Allen’s book some 12 years ago when I was a 2 pack a day smoker and had been for over 10 years. I was very sceptical as I had tried so many times to stop smoking. But what I liked best about his book is I didn’t have to stop smoking while I read the book! So I grabbed a cup of coffee and a cigarette and started reading – WOW is all I can say – I have been a non smoker ever since. A whole new viewpoint with lots of tips and techniques to take on board.

Amazing and thank goodness as I couldn’t support my habit now anyway!

So well done to all of you non smokers and I regularly pat myself on the back! What I like best is not paying tobacco taxes to the government and all that money goes in to my pocket not anyone else’s!
Spread the word – this guy’s a genius!

james said,

18:25, Jan 29, 2015 #

I read the book in Sep 2011 and successfully quit. I have not had one smoke and absolutely no cravings. Thanks Alan Carr

Melinda Arden said,

14:10, Jan 29, 2015 #

Jan 19 2015 Bought Allen Carr’s book Quit smoking now, read the book that day did as he said smoked my last cigarette and butted it. Haven’t smoked since. No cravings, happy to be free. Just dealing with I am not a smoker time, what to do is my trouble. But will not ever give into the trap again so not worth it.

jenny said,

22:41, Jan 28, 2015 #

1 week smoke free and go in strong! You may be departed Mr. Carr but you are still saving lives!!!! Love you!!!

jenny said,

11:58, Jan 23, 2015 #

I quit 2 days ago after reading the Easyway. I know this sounds silly but I thought it would be so much harder than it is. Its really early days but I feel so confident thanks to this book!

Kim, United States said,

14:55, Jan 21, 2015 #

Just celebrated my 8th anniversary of being a non-smoker. Have not spent one day of these past 8 years missing that way of life. I thank God for the friend who told me about the book, and I thank Allen Carr for changing the way I thought about smoking and why I did it. Once it clicked in my mind, I was free. Thank you for giving me my life back Allen Carr. Thank you.

Geoff said,

12:52, Jan 21, 2015 #

thank you so much for your reply and information.
I watched the webcast the same day you sent the link and I haven’t smoked since. Seriously! I can hardly believe it. After years and years of struggle to get rid of this, it seemed the easiest thing to do. I’m lost for words to describe it, Thank you for your help. and to all the people at Allen Carr’s easyway, for making this possible.

Lisa said,

10:30, Jan 21, 2015 #

Yippee I’m a non-smoker

Lisa 18.1.15
I’m free

Simon said,

10:24, Jan 21, 2015 #

Did the Alcohol Seminar in July 14. Just wanted to say that it did exactly what ‘it said on the tin’ and I haven’t had an alcoholic drink, nor wanted to, since leaving the seminar. As a professional sceptic I was prepared for it not to work as advertised. I’m beyond delighted that it did work. The fact that it is not signposted more widely by individuals, groups and organisations involved in helping people who wish to understand and adjust their alcohol consumption is telling – ignorance or conspiracy, eh?
Simon Woodhead

Lesley Summerfield said,

12:26, Jan 20, 2015 #

I am a week now SMOKE FREE.I have been a smoker from the age of 16 and am 54.I had tried twice before with patches,and gum then again with the Zyban tablets but had to stop taking them.I was recently ill with bronchitis but as we do kept smoking all the while telling myself I must stop.
I decided to buy Allen Carrs Easy way for Women to give up smoking.IT WORKED. It may only be a week but I know I will NEVER smoke again,I feel so proud of myself that I am free.

Thank you


United Kingdom

Kevan said,

10:21, Jan 19, 2015 #

Dear Mr. Carr:

A concerned friend bought me the EASYWAY to stop smoking book for this last Christmas. I was like, “Gee-whiz! A self-help book? Seriously? Thanks, pal, now where’s my pack of smokes?”

That was until two weeks ago. Like you, I was a smoker for over 3 decades. My parents were heavy smokers, and as an athletic teenager, swore I would never smoke. Then the brainwashing of the “bohemian art crowd” got to me in graduate school. Unlike most, I made it until I was 22 before I succumbed to the peer pressure and the evil weed. That was all she wrote, and I was an addict. I just turned 56.

Over the years, I tried everything to quit. And I mean everything. From cold turkey (willpower), to “weening”, to NRTs like the patch, the gum, and even those ridiculous e-cigs (there’s a whole rant to be composed on those things!). I even tried accupuncture. It works pretty good on my chronic knee pain (old sports injury), but had no effect whatsoever on my nicotine addiction, even though the lovely Chinese therapist couple did their best in that regard.

I’m a pretty intelligent guy, but never saw your epiphany (and was kind enough to share with the rest of us poor saps!): YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS, AND GIVE YOUR BRAIN A TUNE-UP! I still have a bit of the pangs during “trigger times”, but now I just laugh and think, “I got you on the ropes now, you dirty little monster! I’m finally gonna settle your hash for good!”

I’m enjoying every up-and-down minute of it, and I know for a fact that I will never touch nicotine again.

Thanks again, my friend. You really are a life saver. And anything I can do to help, just name it.


Geoff Powell said,

22:11, Jan 18, 2015 #

I am 59 and have been a smoker on and off since I was 17, never a heavy smoker (maybe 5-10 as day) but when I wasn’t smoking I felt I was missing out. In 2013 we moved from the UK to France. Shortly after I gave up for 5 months but started again when my brother-in-law died. Then last May I decided to try again (cold turkey). After 3 days I was struggling and decided to download and read a book to my IPAD that people had told me about. I read the book over 3 nights and completely changed my attitude to stopping smoking. My cravings were suddenly under control and stopping became (relatively) easy. It’s been 8 months now and smoking seems completely alien to me.

I’m not sure why it worked? He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know but Im glad it did.

Thanks you Allen

Steven Taylor said,

18:01, Jan 18, 2015 #

Put simply reading this book gave me the right preparation to stop. It allowed me to detach the nicotine cravings from the idea that a cigarette would fix those cravings. It becomes just like having a cold. Simple a matter of time before you feel much much better!!!

Alex said,

10:01, Jan 18, 2015 #

I read the book about a month ago, and since then have been smoke free. I smoked about 40 ‘rollies’ a day, and was a terrible ‘stopper and starter’ for 7 years. I have a partner who smokes, and I am around his (disgusting) cigarettes every day, and can quite honestly say I’m not ‘jealous’ in the least. I was worried my quitting smoking would create tension in our relationship, but it hasn’t changed anything in the slightest. I can only assume this is because I don’t miss them and I don’t care. I am happy to be free. He has a pack of cigarettes siting on the table next to me, and I’m no more tempted to smoke one than I would be to eat a handful of grass from the backyard. Thank you Mr. Carr, RIP.

Brendan G said,

03:30, Jan 16, 2015 #

July 16th 2013 – That’s the day I looked at the pack of cigarettes in my pocket and said ‘No, I don’t smoke anymore, I AM A NON-SMOKER”. 18 months later and I have never had a craving or an urge to go back. 25years of smoking and dozens of attempts with everything from patches to pills and all it took was a book. Thank you My Carr, you have changed my life.

Daci Slater said,

15:46, Jan 15, 2015 #

Today is a month I have been a non-smoker! I haven’t struggled at all since my final cigarette and I still do everything I always have done including hanging out with smokers. I was your typical pack a day for 20 years, tried everything, smoked while I was pregnant, lost my mother to lung cancer, had 6 kids guilting me everyday and no matter what I did nothing worked. Your book worked in a way that has everyone including me baffled at how easy my quit was and now I am just a non smoker. Thank You for giving me my life back and if you smoke and are reading this testimonial, read the book you have nothing to lose!

michelle said,

11:28, Jan 14, 2015 #

Il suo libro sul fumo

Salve, io e lei non ci conosciamo, mi chiamo Michelle.
Volevo ringraziarla, mi hanno regalato il suo libro: “È facile smettere di fumare se sai come farlo “ devo ammettere che ero scettica all’ inizio e non pensavo funzionasse ma ora che sono passata dal fumare 20 sigarette al giorno a zero mi sono ricreduta!
Non fumo da una settimana e penso che sia già un’ enorme passo anche se molti lo considerano piccolo e banale. Molti mi dicono che non resisterò ma io sono determinata nonostante alcune volte sento la loro mancanza.
Volevo smettere già da tempo, avevo fatto altri tentativi, ma non avevo resistito a lungo, questa volta c’è qualcosa di diverso, me ne offrono, sto in mezzo a persone che fumano continuamente ma non ne sento una grande necessità o una grande mancanza se non in alcune circostanze.
Ecco, le ho scritto per ringraziarla, grazie a lei e al suo libro sono libera dalle schiavitù della nicotina e non potrei essere più contenta!
Cordiali saluti,

Dave Shuttleworth said,

17:43, Jan 13, 2015 #

My wife bought me the Allen Carr easy way to quit smoking around 10 years ago but I never bothered to read it.

I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to stop smoking (I am 45, have smoked for 20 years and was easily smoking 40 per day. Not only was it killing me but I was spending a fortune to do that to myself) and so I bought the audio book version.

I had in the past tried Champix, the other drug that was prescribed before that one, nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalators, nasal sprays, “throat sprays”, electronic cigarettes, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, will power (haha), “cutting down”, and practically anything else you can think of.

So I was highly skeptical that listening to a guy tell me why I didn’t want to smoke any more would work – BUT IT DOES!

I have come to the conclusion that not only do the tobacco companies hook their victims with the “this is awful, I’ll NEVER get addicted to this” routine, but I believe they have probably perpetuated the myth that giving up smoking is almost impossible.

When you try using the wrong methods (i.e. NOT the Allen Carr method) you do indeed believe it is too hard and you give up, but the truth is this, and I honestly and sincerely mean this:

Giving us smoking is EASY – you just need the right key, and the Allen Carr method IS that key.

Honestly try it – what have you to lose?

Nothing – but you have everything to gain.

It is nothing short of amazing!!!

Kim, United States said,

17:03, Jan 13, 2015 #

This is the 3rd time I have posted here. Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I stopped smoking using Allen Carr’s method after reading his book twice over a year’s time. I woke up that day and it suddenly just all came together and after smoking for 18 years, I stopped. I have not wanted another cigarette since that day 8 years ago. I wanted to reaffirm here that his method works. Thank you Allen Carr. Thank you.

виталий румянцев said,

10:53, Jan 12, 2015 #

Спасибо за вашу книгу
виталий румянцев

Kelly McKie said,

10:16, Jan 12, 2015 #

Finished reading the book 48 hours ago an have not smoked since, nor wanted to! Feel great

Daniel, Syrian Arab Republic said,

10:15, Jan 12, 2015 #

dear allen

i love u man … i love u

My name is Daniel of the Syrian Arab Republic, I want to thank you very much for helping me to quit smoking for the first time in my life, I am 24 years old .. Smoker since r years and this my first week to quit smoking and will get rid of this dirty slavery.

Megan Paley said,

11:56, Jan 11, 2015 #

Hellooooo genius.

Well, what can I say other than a preemptive thank you. I have been a smoker for 8 years and “stopped” on many occasions (NRT, pregnancy related) once for 8 months which was my best time. You are so right in saying that that one cigarette sends you on a steep, downward spiral to being hooked again. Not once have I felt the courage to stop feeding my nicotine monster (I’ve named him Nick) without the help if NRT which as you so clearly point out is completely pointless.
Now, I am not saying it has worked yet, but for the first time out of all my attempts to stop, I feel courage and confidence and faith I myself that this will be for good. I have literally just put the book down, jumped on my treadmill and run a few miles and thought deeply about what you have written, quietly repeating “I want to be a non smoker, therefore I do not want a cigarette, thus making me a non smoker. YIPPEE!”

I feel a very one sided war is on the cards with “Nick”. A battle which he may as well give up on now because I AM GOING TO WIN!

No more white, cancer ridden sticks for me from this day forth.

Thank you, thank you and thank you for your very clear cut perspective and sharing it with “Nick’s” millions of prisoners. I shall be eternally grateful for this book and plan on reporting again in a few weeks time.


Mario Štajduhar said,

20:59, Jan 08, 2015 #

Thank you for such a great philosophical book. I wanted to read your book, not to stop smoking (I’m a social smoker, although, I was a heavy smoker 6 years back), just to see what magic you tell people to made them stop smoking.
Thanks to my curiosity, and of course your genius I realized how much I harass myself and decided not to smoke ever again.

Thank you for making me live better life and probably even longer one.

I am recommending your book to all my friends, smokers or not!

Mario Štajduhar

Tess said,

15:57, Jan 06, 2015 #

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the time you spent with me on Friday 2nd Jan at the Raynes Park clinic. I have not smoked nor felt the urge to since meeting you and I feel very confident indeed that I will remain a happy non-smoker going forward. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it!
I’m forever in your debt, thank you for giving me my life back.

nadia said,

09:12, Jan 05, 2015 #


Thank you Allen for sharing your secret with us.

I truly believe that the best of men are the most useful to their community and you truly are one of them.

Thanks for unlocking one of the most empowering doors in our minds. I found the easyway method to be applicable to other areas in our life because the world, our world is what our mind makes a representation of for us.

If I think I am a none smoker, I will be a none smoker. If I think I’m a great person, I will be a great person.

This matrix works with whatever we wish to be in life.

Vic Parnell said,

16:33, Jan 04, 2015 #

Following all of the instruction with ease, as the book ( as I suspect the seminars are as well ) is so full of truth. I know that I will never again fall into the Nicotine Addiction Trap.

Thank you so much Alan Carr

joseph hackett said,

15:15, Jan 04, 2015 #

hi my name is joseph hackett,i not only stopped smoking,but stopped drinking using life has become so positive,i have recently sent an email asking about possible employment oppertunities,i completely love how the method has changed my life,would love to help pass that message onto others.joe.x

Stefan said,

16:07, Jan 02, 2015 #

Everything fine,i am happy to stop smoke :-)

Marion said,

15:50, Jan 02, 2015 #

HURRA! Ich bin Nichtraucher

Ich habe bereits am 24.8 mit dem rauchen aufgehört und fühle mich wirklich gut. Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung.

Catherine Bell said,

10:30, Jan 02, 2015 #

I attended the session in Leeds with my husband and son on 25 October 2014. We didn’t know what to expect, but all smoked our last cigarette at 5.30 that day and haven’t looked back. After trying NRT and cold turkey, this is the only way to finally quit.

I never thought I’d say it, but I love being a happy none smoker!

Kyle parent said,

09:29, Jan 02, 2015 #

Thank you Allen Carr. You saved/changed my life. I definitly thought I would be a smoker for ever but your way of thinking is the only way of going about quitting. I was smoking 3 packs a day at 25 years old until I read your book. I am recommending it to everybody. I simply cannot express my gratitude with words; but thank you very much.

Frank Pirri said,

03:40, Jan 02, 2015 #

It has been over 5 years for me now. I smoked my last cigarette Aug 23 2009 after 30 years of smoking. I was 8 years old when I started smoking and I never thought I would quit. I read the book in a week and a half. I had a cigarette, read the last 2 chapters and went to bed. The next morning with 1 cigarette left in my pack I never smoked again. I truly believe that I am a non smoker and wonder why I ever did it or why I didn’t stop sooner. I tattooed the word freedom on my arm because I can truly say that I am. Thank you Mr Allen Carr you changed my life.


Leesa said,

16:09, Jan 01, 2015 #

Greetings fellow former and current smokers. Last year I promised myself I would come back here in a year
to report my smoking status. The people who stayed stopped did it for me and they gave me hope that I
Could do it too.

I was a heavy daily smoker spending $75 weekly for cigarettes. I’d smoked for 20+ years. I’m now 48-years
old. I was sick and tired of the affects of smoking including health problems, the smell, the expense,
constant nagging/worry of family and being an outcast by non smokers everywhere.

It was January 2014 when I finally decided to stop. Nothing magical happened no burning bush that said quit. I loved
smoking after all. But, I was curious about how other people quit.

I was researching on the net and ran across a podcast of a woman who had quit using Allen Carr’s book and methods.
She described exactly what happened to hear and how she stopped and stayed stopped. I’ll forever be grateful to this anonymous woman who pointed me to Allen’s book!
I read the book in one day. I stayed up all night into the morning. When I was done I did exactly
what Allen suggested. In the early morning hour I smoked my last cigarette.

On January 11th 2014 I will be a non smoker for one year! I’m so happy to be active in my life today.
I’m back in the gym, rarely sick, saving money, back in esteem with family and friends. I’m genuinely
happy and without cravings.

There have been periods where I’ve thought it’d be ok to have a cigarette. It’s taken a while to learn how to
be a non-smoker in life’s daily up and downs. But slowly I learned what triggered the habit and how to avoid smoking.

Thank you Allen for sharing your experiences and solution to quitting smoking! Best wished to smokers everywhere
If you’re truly ready to quit smoking this can work for you too!

Yurij Vasilyev said,

08:36, Jan 01, 2015 #

20 лет курения и потребления алкоголя, помогли только Вы. СПАСИБО. Надеюсь, с каждым годом будут узнавать правду все больше и больше людей. В России Вас ждут десятки миллионов! Welcome

John K. said,

21:25, Dec 30, 2014 #

I was very skeptical when I was given a copy of the EasyWay to Stop Smoking. My good friend had just quit using your book and decided to buy me one. I was desparate. I had tried to quit for years and nothing had worked.

It took me three days to read the book and on the last of those three days, May 2nd, 2008, I had my last cigarette. It was like waking up from a nightmare I didn’t even realize I was in. After the first month, as a test, I went to the bar with friends, where I would usually chain smoke two to three packs… I didn’t want one that night and I have been free of the curse ever since.

I have bought and distributed many copies of your book since then and given them as gifts to friends and family.

Thank you Allen Carr for helping me escape the nightmare of smoking.

John K.
Albuquerque, NM USA

Tracey Sontag said,

22:40, Dec 29, 2014 #

Dear Allen;
After 35 years of smoking I am free now for five months no withdrawls. I have to say I have no idea why I smoked when It was this easy to quit. I had to quit in order for my doctor to remove the 33lb tumor, but now that I have I can not stand the smell, and reap the benefits daily. Its my goal to get my husband to quit now but he is still a slave. I have to say shame on me for waiting so long I had a friend tell me at a BBQ two years earlier and he smoked two packs a day! Still and proud that I am a NON-SMOKER best money spend was buying your book!

Steve King said,

20:05, Dec 28, 2014 #

I first saw Mr. Carr’s book in passing at a bookstore. I flipped open to a random page, read a little and put it back on the shelf. I remembered it a few days later when I saw it on the shelf at my mom and dad’s house. I asked if I could take it and read it. I have not smoked in the more than a year since. I had been a 1 pack a day + smoker for more than 25 years and never thought I would quit until I read the book. Mr. Carr knew me and how I thought and felt. Thank you Allen.

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