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Dicki said,

08:07, Apr 10, 2014 #


Guten Tag,

Ich muss mich beim Herrn Carr bedanken das er mich in den letzten 5 Tagen unterstützt hat und mich von diesem elenden Monster “Nikotin” lebenslang befreit hat.
Ich habe am Donnerstag den 03.04.2014 meine letzte Zigarette geraucht und bin schwer mit
den Entzugserscheinungen klar gekommen. Also habe ich mir am Samstag dieses Buch gekauft
um damit zurechtzukommen.
Es hat funktioniert!! Jedes mal wenn ich einen Rauchen wollte habe ich das Buch aufgeschlagen und sofort weitergelesen. Es hat mich auf dem Weg in die Freiheit unterstützt.
Und heute den 09.04 habe ich endlich das Buch durchgelesen und kann mit Stolz sagen: “ICH BIN NICHTRAUCHER” !!! :D

John said,

22:40, Apr 09, 2014 #

This book saved my life. After 27 years of smoking I am finally a non smoker. I was a two and a half pack a day smoker. I read the book, followed his instructions and I am happy to say today is 94 days.
The first week was no picnic but I made it.
I have tried all the quitting methods. I spent countless dollars on the patches pills and gums. Nothing worked, then I read this book.

Steve said,

01:34, Apr 06, 2014 #

Smoked for 20 years. I finally bought this book cause my 9 year old bugged me in the book store every time. I said what the hell. It’s cheap and this stupid little book won’t break the bank. That was 7 years ago. I read the first chapter and I was done. I don’t have any more words except……..incredible investment.

David said,

05:29, Apr 05, 2014 #

Allen Carr EasyWay THANK YOU
I have seen an Allen Carr EasyWay dvd which got my interest – then I went and bought the book and this book has changed my life.
I have never read such a well written book on this topic before and
Allen got me from Chapter one onwards.
I was even shaking and nervous when I got to the end where you smoke
your last cigarette – Well when I finished that cigarette – I knew I was finished with this filthy discusting habit forever !
no cravings, no desire, nothing ! nothing at all – Even if i won the lottery or someone said i will pay for your smoking for the rest of your life i would not take this offer up – I have been fooled too long by the nicotine trap to ever back – NEVER
thank you Allen Carr EasyWay
M14 6Ae

Jarrod said,

03:01, Apr 05, 2014 #

I am 25 years old and from New Orleans. I had been smoking since I was thirteen. I always told myself that I would quit tomorrow. I quit several times using the will power method, suffering terribly from depression and constant cravings. I read your book, and although I took my time reading it, I finished it and had my final cigarette on March 5th. I no longer look at smokers and wish that I could “enjoy” a cigarette with them. I look at them and feel sorry for them. I wish I had 100 copies of your book to give to all of my friends and loved ones. Thank you Mr. Carr. I am sincerely grateful.

Markus, Germany said,

11:33, Apr 04, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin Nichtraucher!

Савелий said,

11:20, Apr 04, 2014 #

Hello, I’m Russian guy who had long wanted to quit smoking and using your video I got it! Thank you very much!I would also like to thank Robin Heyley.

Josh said,

13:25, Apr 03, 2014 #

Yippee! I’m a non-smoker!!
Thanks very much! Such an incredible book/man! Saved my life!
After MANY failed attempts I’m finally free!!
Josh, Gold Coast, Australia

Paul said,

13:20, Apr 03, 2014 #

Good day.

Great book thanks, I am free.

Kind regards


Kelly said,

13:01, Apr 03, 2014 #

Dear Allen Carr

I am aware that you will have an abundance of these in your inbox, but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for helping me realise the devastation of smoking and releasing me from it’s trap.

I am so excited to have become a non smoker and didn’t even enjoy my final cigarette.

I am a 23 year old woman who has been smoking for 3 years. I can’t even remember going a day without smoking, even whilst I had tonsillitis!

It makes me realise how stupid smoking had made me and I finally feel like I have full control over my body, mind and soul.

Thank you,


Daniela, Schweiz said,

12:40, Apr 03, 2014 #

Hurra,endlich bin ich nichtraucher

Jetzt bin ich frei.


Daniela, Schweiz

Nicole, US said,

14:43, Mar 31, 2014 #

My name is Nicole. I want to thank you for this book. I have smoked for 12 years straight. The only time I quit for a length of time was when I was pregnant with my son. But on the way home from the hospital I stopped and got cigarettes because the entire pregnancy I craved smoking for all the wrong reasons. At the time I didn’t know they were the wrong reasons but after reading your book I see now that they were. My son is six years old and I just want to quit so bad. I want to be healthy for him and be able to run and play with him without feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack or not being able to catch my breath. I have tried the patch with no success. The gum with no success. Cold turkey with no success. I did not realize all the psychological aspects of mind control smoking has. Now I do and I will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN. I am giving this book to my best friend so that she can understand and quit as well. Thank you for helping me to get my freedom and life back. I will spend the rest of my days enjoying them and helping others that are a slave drug addict to nicotine. You are a God send thank you so much. God bless and love.

Shari said,

05:55, Mar 28, 2014 #

I read the book and now I am a non smoker and will never smoke again!!! My daughter also quit using the easy way book as well….. Thank you so much Allen Carr this book is what I needed to quit… There was a lot I did not understand as to the reason I smoked… Or even how to stay a non smoker!!! Your book was perfect and helped me to understand this… I tried all other ways to quit… None had helped… All alternatives angered me because I wanted the actual cigarette not something fake… This book again…. Taught me that I didn’t need anything… Thank u again for a second change at an improved life…. Xoxo… I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada

Lucie said,

16:31, Mar 27, 2014 #

I gave up thanks to the book three years ago. I feel saved from the absolute filth cigarettes are, forever !!!

cindy said,

14:33, Mar 27, 2014 #

Dear Allen after giving up smoking for seven years using will power and always loving the smell craving a fag I went back, l had been smoking for three years and came across your book I read it and during the read smoked myself silly looking forward to the end, I was nervous when I smoked my last fag but ready to stop. Like the book is called the Easy way That is what it was I am now six days a non smoker been to a social event and loving every minute. Thank you Allen Carr I will never smoke again and its all down to your method. Kind regards
Cynthia from Kingston Surrey.

Greg said,

13:39, Mar 25, 2014 #

Read the book, smoked my last cigarette on March 18 and feeling great. No looking back!

Thank you,


Steffan said,

13:38, Mar 25, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Daniel said,

17:09, Mar 20, 2014 #

Hi Guys, I promised myself to post a testimony only if I stayed as a non smoker for a year. Well, one year and no cigarette. Thank you Allen Carr. I have even forgot I ever smoked. Considering I smoked for 20 years it is one hell of an achievement. Thank You again to all excellent staff of Allen Carr.

Felice said,

16:36, Mar 17, 2014 #

Sono Felice di nome e di fatto!!

Buongiorno sig. Allen,
mi chiamo Felice e dopo aver letto il Suo libro lo sono anche di fatto!! Felice!!
Me lo avevano regalato ma non l’ho letto subito appunto per la paura che lo stesso mi provocava! Assurdo…avevo paura di smettere!!
In più le dico una verità:
Pensavo “ecco un altro che si è inventato qualcosa per fare soldi sulle spalle dei fumatori, sempre più attaccati e condannati!!!”
Sbagliavo! Sa perché? Perché non importa se Lei guadagna, come giusto che sia, se fa soldi col Suo libro e i Suoi incontri…quello che è importante è che IO NON FUMI PIÙ!!!

Una sera ho fumato l’ultima sigaretta e ho preso in mano il libro per leggerlo. Mi consigliava di non smettere ma dentro di me avevo già maturato la voglia di non usare più quel veleno! Solo con la decisione di leggerlo.

Ora sono felice e libero!
Il pacchetto con alcune sigarette e un accendino, insieme alla sigaretta elettronica, non li ho messi via, di mio proposito. Sa perché? Perché con la presenza di quella porcheria in casa ho la dimostrazione che non ho bisogno di quello schifo per vivere!
Non posso mangiare peperoncino..mi fa in casa lo abbiamo!
Li butterò un giorno, quando avrò visto e dimostrato a me stesso che avevo ragione: non ho assolutamente bisogno di quel veleno per vivere!!
Volevo ringraziarLa e dirLe che ricevere in regalo il Suo libro è stato il miglior regalo che abbia mai ricevuto.
Grazie di cuore!
Un abbraccio forte!

Rola said,

16:34, Mar 17, 2014 #

Non-Smoker Celebration :)

Hi guys,

This is Rola • 33 years old • An Egyptian girl living in Dubai.

Please find attached my ‘Yipee I’m a Non-smoker’ scan :D

I was a 40 cigs-a-day-smoker since 2007, and I’m finally FREE! Thanks to Allen Carr’s book! My best friend and I read the book at the same time and stopped together! Simply magical by making me understand my enemy from the inside-out!

Just want to celebrate with you guys my 21 days revelation moment!

Since there’s no an Allen Carr clinic in Dubai, please know that I’m spreading the word here and already recommended the book to 3 smokers friends, 1 of which has already stopped as well. YaaaaY!!!!

Thanks x 1000000



Nica said,

15:55, Mar 17, 2014 #

scrisoare de multumire

Buna ziua! Ma numesc Nica Constanta, sunt din Craiova si vreau sa va multumesc pentru ca existati, pentru ca daorita faptului ca am citit cartea dumneavoastra “In sfirsit nefumator “am reusit sa ma las de fumat ( pe 8 martie anul aceata am implinit un an de cind nu mai fumez), iar acum tocmai am terminat de citit “ Greutatea ideala.” Sper sa aiba acelas efect pentru ca am o greutate de 113kg si nici o cura de slabire pe care am tinut-o nu a dat rezultate. Va multumesc si sper sa va pot scrie peste un an sa va spun ca am ajuns la greutatea ideala.

Saad said,

15:54, Mar 17, 2014 #

I am FREE at-last from slavery

I Love you Allen Carr ….Simply LOVES you

NO words ….

I wish you were alive and I could meet you , hugged you and salute you once




nounou said,

13:24, Mar 17, 2014 #

Salve, mi chiamo Stefania, ho letto il libro“è facile smettere di fumare” ..bhe io ho smesso da 4gg. Sono molto motivata. Ho un Po paura di mettermi a mangiare , ma al momento ho adottato un sistema, tengo una bottiglia di acqua da due litri sempre con me sopratutto a casa e al lavoro , così bevo se ho strani pensieri!! Non nego che ci abbia pensato alla sigaretta poi mi sono detta che non valeva la pena !!!! Grazie di aver creato il libro!!!

mike partridge said,

12:48, Mar 17, 2014 #

1 year ago today I went to a seminar in High Wycombe. I had been a smoker for 24 year, smoking 20-40 a day.
I had tried a couple of times each year to stop for the last few years of that. But I was worried about how I could live without smoking. The last year has been very eventful for me. I won a holiday in Greece through work with 100 people I did not know. I had a torn rotator cuff, which stopped me sleeping more than 2 hours before it seized up and left me in real pain. All sorts has gone on with our new house turns out the roof needs replacing and the rendering needs redoing. BUT AT NO POINT HAVE I THOUGHT THAT A CIGARETTE WOULD MAKE ANYTHING BETTER. its 1 year to the day since I thought that. I still think about smoking every now and again, less as time is passing, but not with any fondness. If you are a smoker you owe it to yourself to go to one of these courses. My wife was going to pay for this for me for my 40th birthday present, but afterwards I paid for it myself because it was my birthday present to myself. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it.

Fabienne, Amsterdam said,

11:51, Mar 17, 2014 #


Roy, Berlin said,

11:50, Mar 17, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

steph bell said,

11:48, Mar 17, 2014 #

Heard about it, tried it and did it! It was magic dont know how it worked but it did. Thank you so much. Im finally free after 26 yrs nothing else worked but this did x

Allen Carr's Greatest Fan said,

04:48, Mar 16, 2014 #

Yuppppppppiiiiiiii !!!!!!!
I am FREE from slavery at-last

I Love you Allen Carr
I wish you were alive and I could meet you once and saluted you

R.I.P Allen Carr



Emma said,

10:30, Mar 04, 2014 #

I have been meaning to do this for two years. I went to the clinic in Kent April 2012 and have not smoked since! I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. I realised I had to stop when myself and husband started planning our wedding and I realised that the smoking was where most of my wages was going (I smoked a lot)!! I figured if I used our wedding savings to go and it worked we would save a fortune and if it doesn’t work there’s a money back guarantee,win win!!! It worked !!! we got married October 2012 and now have our first baby and its one of the best things I ever done. It really is easy, I know what you’re thinking if you reading this I thought the same thoughts, but honestly it will be the best money you will spend and you haven’t lost a thing because you will make that money back by not smoking in a month!! and have all the benefits of being a non smoker! Try it theres nothing to loose and everything to gain!!!

Chris said,

15:10, Mar 03, 2014 #

I think it was in 1992 that I went to a clinic at New Malden , UK. Somewhat sceptical I must admit. I wished to be around when my daughter grew up which was a good enough reason. All I can say is that I haven’t had a smoke since. If I’m not wrong that makes 22 years of no smoking. Don’t kid yourselves , I have had moments and even dreams where I’m smoking but these are momentary. I heartily recommend the clinic sessions for the personal touch. Worth every penny.

Jeroen, Netherlands said,

11:31, Mar 03, 2014 #

Dear Allen Carr association,

My name is Jeroen xxxx and I am a happy non-smoker My address is xxxx. Age 40.

Thank you for helping me structure my thoughts about smoking and making the drivers of smoking for me vividly clear, in no particular order:
- Need more sleep (no waking in the night)
- Constant feel in throat of gunk being pushed up the respiratory pipe
- Feel more stressed, difficulty to read a book without becoming stressed, constant stress of creating next opportunity to smoke
- Feel more nervous before presentations etc.
- Bad smell of clothes and breath.
- Lacking taste of food
- Black tar in nose and on teeth
- Expensive (till the age of 85 at least 150k Eur in value at 2% interest)
- Bad example for the children
- Extreme mood swings
- Extreme shortness of breath during summers
- loss of time during a day wasted on a poor habit

Kind regards,

Rowena said,

11:27, Mar 03, 2014 #


I just finished reading Allen’s easy way to quit smoking book. I am sad to read that he passed away in 2006 but I am so grateful that he wrote his book.

I have tried to quit smoking so many times and all it took was Allen’s book to remove the brainwashing I had regarding smoking to be free.

I suffered through my first day of no cigarettes thinking about not smoking and hating it but someone recommended Allen’s book and day 2 and all the rest have been a breeze. I am on day 13 and I know I will never smoke again. I can’t believe how easy it was to become a non smoker.

The hardest part now is trying to teach other people how easy it is to not smoke.

Thank you so much!!

Newcastle, Australia

Aileen said,

12:02, Mar 02, 2014 #

One year on…. Just to say that I bumped into an easyway class, as it was on a complex where my son was having his 8th birthday Party so I popped my head in to say a hugh thank to an amazing lady that helped me one year prevous, and I saw the faces of scared people(as I was) who were just about to embark on the easiest journey of their lifes… with thanks to the easyway..

Thanks again,

Mallow, Cork, Ireland

Tony Saunders said,

21:19, Mar 01, 2014 #

I have never read Allen Carr’s book but I was in my middle 40’s and on 40 cigs a day, felt awful every morning coughing and wheezing. I went to see Allen Carr at his home. He put me into a light state of hypnosis, I didn’t feel hypnotised. He painted a scenario of me standing in a queue in the post office collecting my pension, haggard and bent almost double, coughing and wheezing. He then painted another scenario of me walking in a meadow with the sun on my back and compared the two and asked me which scenario I preferred. After that single session with Allen Carr I never smoked again. I have a lot to thank him for. I’m 76 now and feel great.

Sarah B said,

19:42, Mar 01, 2014 #

I’m from the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada and I quit cold turkey with no aids 2 weeks ago after reading Allen Carr’s book. I have smoked a pack to 2 packs a day for about 34 years (started when I was 9 and daily since 12) and it was easy. I have already had bad days and had a couple of drinks last week and was not the least bit tempted to smoke. I have a very stressful job and my personal life is busy too. Thank you so much for writing this book and giving me back my freedom!

Ann said,

13:40, Feb 28, 2014 #

Thanks to the Allen Carr Easy way book I have been smoke free for 8 weeks after 42 years of ‘dedicated’ addiction. It is easier than I could have imagined. The first week was the worst but beyond that I can genuinely say it been a celebration. I am convinced I will never smoke again thanks to Allen Carr.

Jason said,

03:28, Feb 28, 2014 #

Dear Allen, i hope u rest in peace as u are an angel in disguise, thank you for changing my life, thanks to you i will be smoke free for the rest of my days, thank you so much.

Jocelyn said,

12:35, Feb 27, 2014 #

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the course yesterday-you were fantastic. Everything you said made sense but most importantly you spoke with real enthusiaism, convinction and passion about your area of expertise and this was what made your message so infectious. Like many professions, it is so easy over time to loose the ‘zest’ for your chosen career clearly you have not. Well if you have, you put on a bloody good show!!. You talked frequently about your own experience which really helped cement things and provided comfort that you knew how we were feeling.

The result of your excellent presentation has meant last night I did not want to smoke-I had no desire whatsoever. I did think about a cigarette but not because I really wanted one but because I was expecting to be worried that I may think of one-if that makes any sense! My eyes are already brighter and I feel significantly more confident and happier already. I do have slight nicotine pangs/anxiety but these are easy to manage with the helpful and real little monster image you helped me picture so clearly.

Thank you so very much- I feel like I have been reborn! You really are a credit to your profession.
Kind regards

Dee brett said,

11:37, Feb 27, 2014 #

I smoked 40 a day for to many years never in a million years did I think I would be able to quit BUT I am proud to say with Allen’ Carr,s easy way I am now coming up to my 2 year anniversary of being a NON SMOKER thank you

Martin and Sam Jackson said,

11:35, Feb 27, 2014 #

Yippee! I’m a non-smoker

Helen said,

11:34, Feb 27, 2014 #

Yippee! I’m a non-smoker

Omar Majeed said,

20:36, Feb 25, 2014 #

Yippee, I’ve stopped smoking!

Read “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” over the course of two days. Have now quit. Very pleased to say the least.

Lashiv said,

16:24, Feb 24, 2014 #

Dear All,

I want to thank you and Allen Carr’s book for helping me to stop smoking. I do not understand why people comment on it being written badly because without a doubt it is the best book I have had the fortune to read.

From now on whenever anyone asks me what my favourite book is I shally say without any reservation: The Easyway to Stop Smoking and be happy!

Thank you for keeping up the work and may be one day it will be offered more freely through government services


Sara said,

14:53, Feb 24, 2014 #

I stopped smoking 10 years ago with the help of Allen Carr , recently I have read the drinking and eating book and in under 3 months lost 2 stone 4 lb and still going strong, I have not had a drink for 4 months. These books have changed my life for the better and I will never look back. I would recommend any book

Neil Main said,

14:52, Feb 24, 2014 #

I am absolutely amazed. A friend recommended the book; I can’t stress enough how little I enjoy reading.
From the day I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until it was done. It really is so simple, how did I not see it before!?
Thank you so much for helping me get free of that demon with absolutely no negative impacts on myself!
Cravings left so quickly and I’m so glad to be able to call myself a non-smoker!

Samuel Scheu said,

14:03, Feb 24, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin Nichtraucher

Roger Akl said,

11:05, Feb 24, 2014 #

I am Roger from Beirut, Lebanon.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the Allen Carr easyway method, and add another successful testimonial to the list of ex-smokers.
I have been smoke free for 2 months, and i never have imagined that i could possibily be free from this filthy habit.
But here i am smoke free and proud, and i hope to spread the word for this magnificient and efficient method.

Thank you.

Catu Dasa said,

07:56, Feb 24, 2014 #

Hello Allen, I am from Antwerp ( Belgium )
I stopped smoking because of your book “Stop Smoking” in 1996.
I was already a vegetarian for many years.
It was much much later that I heard that you are not in this world anymore Allen.
In my heart I know that what you did for people will have a huge impact on your Karma.
You will be rewarded a million times.
I hope that your team continues with the same “drive”.
For me you will always be my “Stop Smoking Guru”.

Yours Truly,

Catu Dasa.

sydney said,

16:42, Feb 22, 2014 #

My friend told me about the book and I read it and quit. I can’t believe how easy it was. I never thought I could it without the help of patches, gum etc. I always thought I would be craving cigarettes forever so what was the point of quitting, I had actually excepted I would die a smoker and probably from smoking. My only regret is not knowing and reading the book years ago. My husband and kids are so happy and so am I. I wish I could thank you in person for saving my life. I want to give this book to all smokers and set them FREE.

SaraSara said,

23:34, Feb 21, 2014 #

Thank you, from this moment I’m one healthy person, I’ve made it! I’m extremly proud of myself and this wouldn’t be possible if I haven’t read your book! I stopped smoking before million times, using just the power of will, for a long period, sometimes from 3 to 6 months but I always wondered why did i feel so unsecure without a cigarette, because I was completely brain washed.. the worst feeling was when I said to my friends that I’ve stopped and they were so supporting.. couple of days, weeks, months.. I come back to the same problem when I got drunk on parties or in that “special occasions” with the most stupid idea like “just one more smoke “.. I couldn’t stand that pitty in their eyes.. now I can say that I’ve won this battle and thanks for opening my eyes cause now I finally can see what were my mistakes and how I was waisting my health and money, pushing away lots of people cause I smelled like an ash tray always.. I’m telling all my friends and family and every human who’s addicted for this book! this is amazing and yet so simple!

Thank you again!

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