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Coral said,

04:01, Apr 15, 2015 #

I have had many bumps along the way but I am happy to say I am smoke free and proud. Everyday without a cigarette is a joy.

ShhBrad said,

03:49, Apr 15, 2015 #

905 days Nicotine free. 21,720 cigarettes not smoked, $7,819 saved. Thanks to Allen Carr and The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

Jessica S said,

23:28, Apr 14, 2015 #

I knew it was time to at least “try” to quit when I made a deal with my 6 year old son that he could play a game on my phone in the car if I could have a “yucky” as he called them and hated them. I was on Pinterest one afternoon and I searched ways to quit smoking, I seriously considered the cream of tartar method and then the next Pin I saw was one of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book, I downloaded it that second on my Kindle and read it almost every night. I got to the last section of the book and I even told myself on my way to work on Monday March 30th, 2015 that I would at least “fake” that I was quitting and that I had smoked my last cigarette. That last cigarette was so gross I gagged and carried on and almost vomited from it and I choked I couldn’t wait to throw it out the window. Today’s its been 15 days and I can sit here and tell you I will never smoke another cigarette for as long as I live. When I first started reading the book I thought there was no way that anyone who has quit loves cigarettes as much as I do or they would never quit. Guess what!!! I quit!!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son said he was sooo proud of me!!! Benton, Pennsylvania, USA

Ryan said,

11:52, Apr 14, 2015 #

I was a smoker for roughly 10 years on and off. Numerous attempts to stop in the past ended in failure!

The book helped me stop with relative ease (bar a few mild cravings), although I think it helps if you really want to stop. I haven’t touched a cigarette in over a month now and thats even with my girlfriend still smoking. Best thing I’ve ever done!

Thanks :)

Kat said,

22:57, Apr 13, 2015 #

I just finished your book and it’s like magic! Thank you very much for giving me my life back. I’ll be telling my friends to hurry up and read it.

Best wishes,

simon cook said,

06:06, Apr 12, 2015 #

I finished reading the book 4 weeks ago. I followed the instructions and I found stopping very easy. Unbelievable,and I’ve not craved a cigarette since. Thank you.

Juan Delfino said,

20:16, Apr 09, 2015 #

I stopped smoking by reading the book. The most amazing thing was knowing WHY I smoked, so I could know the enemy… Now I am free!!! THANKS!!!!

Max said,

07:53, Apr 08, 2015 #

12 months and 1 day today and boy was it easy. Thanks so much Easyway.

I believe so much in the Easyway.


Michael said,

07:42, Apr 08, 2015 #

Dear Allen,

today was PERFECT to say goodbye to the most stupid habit on the world :-)))))))))

Thousand THANKS for your help. Many, many of this “poor” people will get your book from me.

You will here from me again in three weeks, when the monster is OUT of my body.


BEST regards from Austria,


Jacinta Farrell said,

18:09, Apr 07, 2015 #

after too many years a smoker, im finally free… thank you

Kirsten said,

08:59, Apr 07, 2015 #

Alcohol Session attended Saturday 21st May 2015,

Just thought I’d give you an update on my progress – it must be nice and rewarding hearing from people after your sessions.

Everything going amazingly well. Its about two weeks now – I know early days – but I never gone this long without a drink for properly 30 odd years – and its been so easy – success! I’ve had meals out, stayed with friends for 2 nights, and had nights in, all occasions that I would normally be hitting the bottle hard. Apart from a tiny pang that goes very quickly, I’ve enjoyed all the social occasions – properly slightly more than when I was drinking.

Whatever Allen Carr worked out about the human brain is a miracle – he’s a brilliant man – I would go as far as to say a modern day God, having given up smoking through his method about 20 years ago. Wish he was alive for me to thank on person. When people ask – well what did Chris say? do? I can’t actually pin point anything – all I can say is myself and about 9 other people sat in a room for 7 hours and you talked. Thats it. It really is a miracle.

So thank you Chris. I promise if for any reason I should blunder – I’ll contact the office.

This is a brand new start for me and I’m very excited about the future

Yours sincerely


Sue said,

08:46, Apr 07, 2015 #

I have finally become a happy non smoker after 35 years Thank you to sam at raynes park thank you thankyou

Lisa said,

08:18, Apr 07, 2015 #

Last weekend I read ‘Get Out of Debt Now’ and wish I had read it many years ago. Allen’s approach is completely different from anyone else’s in that he tackles the reasons we overspend in the first place. That combined with some great practical (and easy to follow) advice on how to manage the debts was all I needed to get in control. I now have debt but it is not a debt problem and therefore I can stop worrying about it. Thank you Allen and his team.

V. Warren said,

01:50, Apr 06, 2015 #

After trying to quit smoking 7 times over 10 years using every other method, I finally read Allen Carr’s EasyWay. Now 5 weeks without even wanting a cigarette, and I KNOW that I will never have another one.

Thank you.

Yvon Paquet said,

01:12, Apr 03, 2015 #

Thank you so much stop smoking on the 5 March have not smoke since already a non-smoker the greatest audio book ever thanks

Jan Mallender said,

19:10, Apr 01, 2015 #

In February 2001 I walked out of an Alan Carr’s session a non-smoker and have never looked back. I vowed that I would never wanted to put my children through the pain of watching a loved one die from emphysema due to smoking. I watched my 6 year old sit with his granddad while a machine helped him to breathe. I kept that message alive to my sons as they grew up. Today my son is 19 admitted he is a “social smoker”!! With your support my son will live his life without being chained to this awful disease called smoking.

Thank you

Erinn Paul Bailey said,

16:41, Apr 01, 2015 #

I read the book, got to the third chapter and I BELIEVED what I was reading. It stuck! The part about “I am a non smoker, I don’t smoke”. I put it to work. I smoked from 13 to 41 and tried to quit several times. Your book worked great!!! I am on day 301 of being a non-smoker and I’m still saying to myself, every morning, I am a non-smoker, I don’t smoke. Can’t thank you enough. I passed your book along to someone who needed it in my AA group.

Breda said,

09:21, Apr 01, 2015 #

It’s 2 months since I attended the alcohol session and I can honestly say I feel excited about the future without alcohol. I walked out after that session feeling happy, but scared that it may not have worked, I never had a light bulb moment. I have had a very stressful couple of months yet I have not felt the need to drink, not even for a minute. I can only think of positive things about not drinking. Thank you Cris, I have signed the petition to have this method available on the NHS.

Jordan said,

08:48, Apr 01, 2015 #

Hi Allen, Thank you so much!My name is Jordan,I’m 38 years old and after20 years smoking i definitely can say I’m free of smoke, so far 8 months now!and there is not way back,if i knew that woulb be that easy…..Thanks so much one more ttime;it’s an amazing Book!!!!☝

Dean Watson said,

21:59, Mar 31, 2015 #

I have today just finished reading your book and i feel so inspired , i have just finished my last ever cigarette and i do genuinely feel excited, where in the past i just dreaded it, thank you soo much !!!!

elizaabeth, UK said,

10:07, Mar 30, 2015 #

i know its less then two weeks since i walked into clinic in maidstone but so confident i will never smoke again..tried all sorts of different things but a smoker for 41years i have now cracked it and thankyou, elizaabeth

刘雅茹 said,

06:16, Mar 30, 2015 #

非常感谢!—thank you very much! I am from China and used to addicted to smoking,you helped me to see the truth of this lie and with your method I finally got rid of cigarettes,also through this period of time I gained the ability of self-control,you helped me find my confidence and courage again,I just can`t thank you enough! I will introduce your book to my dad and uncles. My best wishes to you and your team!

jessica said,

08:28, Mar 27, 2015 #


i have give up now for 3 days, this may seem like a short period, but during the 3 days i have endured the worst and most nerve racking experience of my life and still i did not have a cigarette, I count that as my biggest success and know that i am officially a non smoker for the rest of my life, i can say, if i can get through it, i know that everyone can get through it.

cigarettes do nothing for you!! I AM A HAPPY NON SMOKER, yupieeee

Rabab said,

14:15, Mar 25, 2015 #

Pure genius, just extinguished my final cigaret. I’m over the moon being non-smoker and healthier for my children.

Helen said,

11:29, Mar 25, 2015 #

Getting on for 2 years now since I attended and I just never think about smoking but felt I should say “thank you”.There were only a couple of moments soon after the course when I fancied a cigarette and it was easy to say no to myself. Immediately after the day, I felt much better and more positive about stopping than I ever expected to.I also feel lots fitter now.

Andy said,

10:32, Mar 24, 2015 #

Thank you! !!

Hi, I just wanted to thank you. I’ve just had my last drink of devastation. I cried tears of joy. Although I’m a bit hungover, I am free and feeling fantastic. Thank you so much!!! Andy

Georgi said,

12:45, Mar 21, 2015 #

Hi, I started smoking in college. After 4 years of smoking and several tries of stopping (longest streak without cigarettes was 4 month) I decided to get Allen Carrs book. It was personally recommended to me and worth every penny.

Even though I was smoking ‘only’ 4 years I was really hooked. Not happy to be a smoker, but unable to stop. Thanks to Allen I understood the mechanisms of an addiction. In the end it was unbelievably easy to stop. I set a date and smoked my last cigarettes. Then, from the first day on I was a happy nonsmoker.

I feel much better in general, more relaxed and more satisfied. Long time I was limiting myself to 5 a day and that was real torture to wait for the next one.

Since I stopped this is over. I never thought the craving would stop. But it did, almost instantly. I always imagined, people who stopped are unhappy about surrendering some pleasure. But it turns out, it’s the smokers who do so.
11 month a happy nonsmoker.

Thanks very much Allen

Robyn said,

15:57, Mar 20, 2015 #

I was a 2-3 pack a day chain smoker and knew that put me in a high risk group for cancer which was no stranger to my family already. I’d tried to quit so many times and always started again. My friend told me he quit and I asked how he told me about Allen’s book. I got a copy and got 3/4s the way though it and dropped the cigarettes forever. Never ever would I touch them again it’s probably been 12 yrs. He probably saved my life. I remember spending my day searching to lighters and cigarettes, the horrible taste in my mouth always the chronic sore throat. Horrible addiction and the BEST thing I ever did and just as he said it really wasn’t that hard. He’s a brilliant writer and speaks to every argument and excuse addict uses to not stop. I can’t say enough about this man I believe he saved my life. Thank you Allen from the bottom of my heart.

Tanja said,

09:34, Mar 19, 2015 #


Dear Mr. Carr,
I want to thank you so much. I just read one of your books and I smoked my last cigarette 14 days ago. Never felt so good and it is so easy.
Yours sincerely,
Tanja, Germany.

Ellie said,

09:31, Mar 19, 2015 #

I’m free

I have just extinguished my final cigarette after taking ages to read your book. The cigarette stank, it made me physically gag and I took great pleasure in stubbing it out. I have given up before and went back, but this time I want it to be forever.
I do not need to smoke.


Conor Barry said,

14:11, Mar 18, 2015 #

Allen, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I cannot say it enough. I have never been happier in my life and I WILL NEVER GO BACK. The feeling of waking up in the morning and being able to not even think about cigarettes feels 100000000000000x better than any cigarette I have ever had.

I do not understand what you did to make this happen, but IT WORKS. I’ve tried everything and failed every. single. time. I read EASYWAY one time and BOOM. It is like magic.

I seriously cannot thank you enough from freeing me from this trap. That is all it was. A TRAP.

If your’re a smoker, put down that pack and pick up this book. Or read while smoking! That is what I did, but when I got to the last few chapters I was no longer even thinking about nor craving any type of tobacco. I did not even notice any withdrawal pangs. I was purely happy.

I am from New York USA

Catya said,

11:26, Mar 18, 2015 #

Dear Allen Carr & Team!

I finally stopped smoking after 12 years, smoking 1 – 1 1/2 packs a day. Even though I had tried quitting before I genuinely believed I loved smoking. I even pitied some ex-smokers from time to time for denying themselves the pleasure. I was one of the people who’d say “Well, we all have to die of something! “.
Then I got the flu and had to stay in bed for a week. I woke on one day, noticing how I didn’t need cigarettes and decided to read your book.
And I have to say, it really changed my opinion of smoking. I’ve been a happy non-smoker for almost two weeks now and it hasn’t been hard. I’ll give this book to all my smoking friends, since I am certain they all like to quit.
I’ll report back here after a longer period of time.

Best regards,

Claire said,

14:19, Mar 17, 2015 #

I am still in awe of how well this has worked. I have had the book sat on by book shelf for about 12 years and only looked at it when a friend asked if she could borrow it. I thought i would see what all the fuss was about and am now a non-smoker! it’s been 5 weeks now and it wasn’t planned that i was going to give up and i didn’t really think about it but this book works wonders. It is like a switch has flicked and i am a non-smoker and free to enjoy the rest of my life! I can’t thank you enough

mike partridge said,

14:28, Mar 16, 2015 #

just thought I would check in today as it’s my 2 year anniversary of being a non-smoker. I’ve just taken part in a 20m hike through the hills and mountains of Snowdonia for charity, something I could not have done 2 years ago!

Mike, Seattle, WA said,

14:26, Mar 16, 2015 #

I did it!

I finally finished the book and have been smoke-free for a day. And I’m not moping and I feel good. Way better than any of my past failed quits. Thank you Allen Carr.

Seattle, WA

paul said,

10:33, Mar 16, 2015 #

I just want to thank Mr. Carr for his book, I have been a pack and a half smoker for 18 years with hundreds of attempts to quit before,and failed. But the EASYWAY I’ve been able to walk away from smoking with a smile on my face, this is awesome thank you so much!!

Attila, Hungary said,

10:31, Mar 16, 2015 #

Thank you that you helped me quitting smoking after 8 years. Although it’s not decades, but compared to my 24 years, it totally saved my life.


Attila, Hungary

Elizabeth said,

14:07, Mar 13, 2015 #

Last Saturday’s Alcohol Course

Thank you so much for Saturday. Although it is very early days I want to let you know how positively affected I have been since then. Nothing else in my life has changed, same worries and responsibilities, but for the first time in years I feel genuinely light and load-free.
many, many thanks again,

Paul, USA said,

09:09, Mar 13, 2015 #

I just want to thank Mr. Carr for his book, I have been a pack and a half smoker for 18 years with hundreds of attempts to quit before,and failed. But the EASYWAY I’ve been able to walk away from smoking with a smile on my face, this is awesome thank you so much!!

kaur said,

00:14, Mar 13, 2015 #

Thanks Chris in Rayne park London he was amazing I.actually have stopped smoking.and glad to be free from.smoking. I.came in for my second session on 24 of February.and haven’t smoked since.

Michael said,

15:59, Mar 12, 2015 #

From the the northeast of england here and I would just like to tell my story a little:

I was 2 weeks into a willpower quit attempt. After puffing on my e cig with a 15mg patch on my arm the inevitable happened, I lit up a cig.

It tasted horrible, and immediately after I wanted another one. That’s when I began to understand, and I mean really understand, what smoking truly was. The thought just popped into my head “All your doing by smoking this cig is spreading the withdrawal symptoms over the span of your life.”

I ripped the patch off my arm and resolved to tank out the withdrawal pain, though I was terrified.

And then I found THE book. Everything I was beginning to understand about smoking was made crystal clear, the clarity of thought I feel at this moment is almost unreal. I have just hit the peak of nicotine withdrawal (3 days in) and I haven’t felt better in a decade. That’s because I know that a cig wont make it better, it will just increase the length of this sensation. I’m going to be free of this mild discomfort soon, and then I wont have to even think about nicotine ever again. Allen Carr was a genius (God rest his soul, I owe him so much) but I would say I don’t consider this a method of quitting smoking.

It’s more of a perspective, seeing something for what it really is. And once you see smoking in its true form, outside of social pressure and your own addicted minds bias, there is no possible way you would ever want another cig again. Thank you Allen and everyone else that works for this company for helping me break the chains of a shackle that I thought would kill me. I am a none smoker, and even though its only been 3 days, I know this as truth.

Val said,

01:49, Mar 11, 2015 #

I am 73 years of age and from the age of 21 I tried to quit smoking at various times! I would succeed for a few weeks, a couple months, but I would be right back at it!
In January, I decided I had to quit! We live in Canada and there is nothing worse than standing outside in a blizzard to have a smoke. I had bought Allen Carrs book a few years ago. I gave myself a week to read the book and then have my final cigarette. I did it and have never looked back. I had a few urges the first few days but nothing I couldn’t overcome!I am so happy I did this and believe me so is my dear husband! I truly believe I will never smoke again. This book was definitely “THE EASY WAY TO QUIT SMOKING

patricia said,

16:13, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi there
Just a quick note to say thank you so much. I’m 14 months smoke free thanks to you guys.
Kind regards

Rene said,

16:10, Mar 09, 2015 #

Thank you!

That’s all I wanted to say- thank you!!!’


Helen said,

16:09, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi there

Thank you for your amazing book. I smoked for 20years then gave up using patches. 7 years later I started again and had been a smoker for another 3 years. Every day was a battle I hated smell, taste, cost, my horrible cough, my anti social side, lack of energy, and that the cigarette was the first thing I would think about in morning and all day. I have been free from the nicotine drug for over 3 weeks and will NEVER return to this disgusting habit again. THANK YOU ALLEN ITS BEEN EASY

Sent from my iPhone

Brooke said,

14:46, Mar 09, 2015 #

Hi Allen,

My name is Brooke and I am 27 years old. I started smoking when I was 18 and continued to be a full time smoker until your book was recommended to me by a friend. I finished reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking exactly one year ago today and I haven’t had a cigarette since. It was the easiest and best decision of my life and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. I mean it more than I can say and I hope this message reaches you. I’ve promoted your publications to many people and I will continue to do so. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Best regards

Chris said,

18:11, Mar 05, 2015 #

My boss Andy quit smoking using this book. I thought oh god, he is gonna be impossible to work with. He wasn’t, he was fine. Even if I wanted a smoke break and reeked. I asked him was he pretending not to want one? I was intrigued he must feel denied. He insisted nope. He gave me THE BOOK. I have now been smoke free 6 months, i don’t even want a smoke. I hated the smell and still do. No more standing outside in the pouring rain for that tug. I cant thank Andy enough. Even more outstanding is that Andy has bought this book for 4 other people as well as passing his on. Sainthood anyone??

Christian said,

15:45, Mar 05, 2015 #

I started to drink while still in school. When I finished school I tried to quit drinking sadly with the willpower method. Not surprisingly the
temptation became to big and I started to drink again and it got worse and worse to the point where I would drink during working hours and basically just work for money to buy alcohol. I even stole money sometimes just to buy alcohol. It got so bad that the police had to be called twice and jailed me since I was dangerous to the people around me and myself. My life was hell. I contemplated suicide all the time since I felt there is no escape. I feared that I would lose everything and drink myself to death, but on the other side feared that I would be miserable without alcohol and at the time I believed the illusion that it was my only friend. I was previledged to get the chance to read Allen Carr’s Easyway to control alcohol. It changed my life forever. The first few pages convinced me to read the whole book cover to cover and everything became crystal clear. I would be forever grateful since that book not only saved my life and gave me a second chance, but it made my life enjoyable even more than before I even started to drink. I would recommend this method to anyone since it is not only the best method to quit drinking and smoking, but the ONLY method that works.

Bilal said,

22:10, Mar 04, 2015 #

Thanks to Allah then to your book
simply i enjoyed what i read and i quit.

fiona said,

15:02, Mar 02, 2015 #

I get it now , I can not believe it has taken me so long to read this great book ,

Fiona Kelly

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