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Lee Thompson said,

08:28, Aug 19, 2014 #

Dear Allen Carr Reception Team
My name is Lee Thompson and my Allen-versary date is the 16th of January 2011. I have been a happy non smoker for 3 1/2 years after approx. 30 yrs of smoking. I tried the gum, the patches, Biral, accupuncture, everything you can imagine, nothing helped at all.

I did the course in New Zealand and now live in South Africa. I am so happy to be a non smoker and cannot stand being near smokers any more ha ha.

Thanks to the late Allen Carr he saved my life

Zach said,

06:14, Aug 19, 2014 #

I was recommend the book by a friend who never was a smoker, so quite honestly I was a bit skeptical. The title was enough to make me scoff, but it really is just that. It really is the easy way to stop. It effectively changes your attitude to one in which the desire to smoke and maintain a nicotine addiction disappears, provided only that you truly follow the instructions. I tell all of my smoker friends about this book now in hopes that they’ll give it a shot, and finally find their way off the sinking ship, just as I have. I cannot thank Allen enough for sharing such a unique and effective way to quit.

Mark Copland said,

15:23, Aug 18, 2014 #

After being given Allen’s book by a friend, I was determined to not allow nicotine/cigarettes to run/ruin my life, as they had been doing since I was 12 (yes 12, school-boy smoking, etc.)I’m now touching 48 and I’ve not smoked a single cigarette for 1 yr and 5 months. I started reading the book on a Saturday and finished it on the following Saturday night, the next morning I woke up (as y’do ;))looked in the mirror and mentally asked myself if I needed to smoke….and my inner-voice said No!. Allen, if you’re listening, thank you, from the bottom of my…lungs :D…and even though I’m not a religious person,I’m sure there’s a place up there for you! Thanks Again xx

Sydney said,

15:11, Aug 18, 2014 #

I read your book

I just finished your book and today is my mark of one week smoke free. I have never been so glad to be a non smoker! I am realizing that I can breath So much easier now. I also don’t hear wheezing anymore and my chest doesn’t hurt either! At first reading your book I was smoke free for three days on the willpower method, I was angry by reading your book because all I could think about was how BAD I wanted a cigarette… I thought how am I going to get anything from this when all I want is to finish this book so I don’t crave anymore!? but I just kept reading thinking that if I can just finish this book I won’t crave anymore… then some where in the process of reading the cravings just…stopped… like you said I didn’t really feel anything when it happened I just didn’t need or want a cigarette anymore. I saw them for what they truely were. Nasty filthy disgusting things that i wanted no part of anymore. Thank you so much for sharing your own experience. I am so grateful to you. I will be recommending this book to smokers, non smokers, and ex smokers alike. This information is to important to keep to my self. Once again thank you. I hope you continue your mission and help to create a smoke free world.

Oliver said,

15:11, Aug 18, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher!

julian said,

15:05, Aug 18, 2014 #

dank ihrem Buch bin ich nun seit 3 Wochen Nichtraucher. Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht das Buch zu lesen und ich verspüre auch Überhaupt Kein Verlangen mehr zu Rauchen ! Ich danke Ihnen vielmals für die Hilfe die Sucht Loszuwerden und werde dieses Buch sehr gerne Freunden und Bekannten weiter empfehlen .
Viele Grüße

Judy said,

14:33, Aug 18, 2014 #

37 years addicted and afraid

I never thought in my wildest dreams I could ever stop smoking . In 37 years …….eight hours was the longest I had ever gone without a cigarette. I read your book on a recommendation of a new acquaintance . Thank you for your book because being a non smoker feels GREAT.

Debra said,

20:03, Aug 17, 2014 #

I have considered myself a reluctant “casual” smoker since age 15 but I realize it was age 10 after reading Allen Carr’s book. At age 10 I hated smoking so much and was convinced that if I just showed my parents and grandparents the facts about smoking that they would quit, I pulled together a science project with the help of the local office of the American Lung Association. It was called 14 Minutes of Your Life. I won first prize in my 5th grade school science fair and a $25 US Savings Bond that sits on my desk at work. To gather my “non-smoking” evidence, I sat on my front porch stair steps for days pumping different types of cigarettes —- filtered and non-filtered, Camel and Marlboros — through a pump contraption of two Ball jars filled with a special cotton material made to mimic two lungs. My goal was to reach my “scientific conclusion” about which cigarettes were the most harmful and then share this information with my parents and grandparents so they would quit. I hated cigarettes so much. It broke my heart that the people I loved smoked them. Ha! It was on those same stair steps that I also put the first cigarette to my lips. Little did my innocent and determined heart know the real truth behind smoking that first cigarette. Now I do. Thank you to Allen Carr for sharing the truth. 37 years later I am a non-smoker. I only had to read half your book before I extinguished my last one. It’s only been 8 days but it’s as clear to me now that I am a non-smoker as it was when I was 10 years old and making a sweet but ill-informed effort to protect my parents and grandparents. Thank you! Free at last.

Judy said,

22:25, Aug 15, 2014 #

What DID you do to my brain?! YOU FIXED ME! 

I stopped smoking on August 13 and I am the happiest person on the face of the earth. It really IS easy!!!!

I’ve been a smoker for 33 years and I NEVER thought I’d quit. 

You are a blessing from GOD. You saved my life. THANK YOU

I am telling EVERYONE about you! 

My gratitude cannot be expressed in words. 

Judy Klapwyk

Sent from Samsung Mobile

Pietro said,

11:08, Aug 15, 2014 #

It’s been 1,298 days since I extinguished my final cigarette, and I cant thank you enough! I estimate that i have saved around £15,000 in that time alone. I tried everything to try and quit before opening my alan Carr book (which i had for 2 years before i actually read it), from NRT to Hypnotherapy, and none of them stuck. And i believe this is because these methods do not help you to understand WHY you smoke, this was what was important in my journey to becoming a non smoker. I will never smoke again, and I have you to thank for it. I have helped 7 of my closest friends to quit using your book, I had to beg them to read it, but they did, and now they thank me! I will continue to spread the word.

Kind regards

Pietro, UK

Christoph said,

11:07, Aug 15, 2014 #


Naomi said,

11:06, Aug 15, 2014 #

I recently bought the Allen Carr easy want to stop smoking for women book on my ipad Can not believe this works I have not even wanted a cigarette and definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out To be honest I can’t believe I smoked in the first place!!!

I’ve tried before to cut down / stop and never thought I would be able to do it.
It took me a hour is so for about four days to finish the book and now I am free

This really should be rolled out by the nhs It’s incredible

Thanks so much :) xxxxx Naomi from kent

Marion said,

11:04, Aug 15, 2014 #


anbei meine Bestätigung das ich nun seit gestern!!! Nichtraucherin bin.
Ich hab es schon so oft versucht, aber war noch nie so fest davon überzeugt das ich es schaffe wie gerade jetzt.
Durch die Allen Carr-Methode ist mir vieles so klar geworden, als hätte man mir permanent einen Spiegel vorgehalten.

Viele liebe Grüße und danke

Jayne said,

11:02, Aug 15, 2014 #

YIPPEE! Im a non-Smoker

Today I have extinguished my last cigarette.
It feels fantastic. I am free!
I know I will never ever feel the need to smoke again.
Thank you from the bottom of my poor overworked heart. It, like the rest of my marvelous body can now recover and enjoy the rest of my life as a non-smoker. :0) Most thankful regards, Jayne

Giles said,

11:00, Aug 15, 2014 #

I have just completed my first year without alcohol after reading Allen Carr’s Easyway to control alcohol. This book was without doubt has been one of the best investments in my life. Life has improved immeasurably without alcohol. I cannot believe how easy it has been by just following the simple step by step guid contained within the book. Sceptics may think that reading this book can transform your life from where you are right now now to where you want to be is possible. However I can conclude Easyway is actually “Simplyway” & thats no exaggeration. If you like I was fed up with the gradual decline that alcohol brings to your life then I would recommend reading this book. I am in no way affiliated to Allen Carr, his publishers or his clinics but I must conclude his simply worded explanations certainly open your eyes to the world outside. This book is both a lifesaver as well as a life maker. Thank you very much Allen

Gerard said,

10:57, Aug 15, 2014 #

I’m free

I just wanted to get in touch to say I’ve read ‘Easyway’ – I’m not long after extinguishing my final cigarette. A feeling of euphoria has prompted me to get in touch to say thank you – I’m can’t wait to wake up tomorrow & get on with my life. Once again – thank you.

Gerard (writing from belfast)

Ps- yipeeee

Ajanta said,

10:52, Aug 15, 2014 #


Just wanted to confirm happily that I am a non smoker still …
Despite everything I’ve been through in the last couple of years I am so happy I haven’t had to deal with smoking and it’s effects on my body, and my confidence as well.

I am so very grateful to all of you at the clinic for the amazing work you do. I have sent people to the clinic since as they are so impressed by the change in me and the fact that stopping smoking seemed to be so easy.

I can’t remember the name of the lady who led the day when I came. She was perhaps 30-40, tall, had been at the clinic a long time. Please pass on to her my comments if you can and a very big thank you from me. It must be an enormously satisfying job to help people to find their freedom from this trap!
Warm regards

Tera Springman said,

05:41, Aug 15, 2014 #

I was a smoker for 20 years or so on and off, more on than off to tell the truth…I always knew I needed to quit but could never do it on my own. I had literally been praying for an easy way to stop when my friend gave me Allen Carr’s book…it’s right in the name…and an answer to my exact prayer. Before I finished the book, I still didn’t believe it would be easy for me, but I have been smoke free for 6 years now, live a happier life because of it and still can’t believe it was actually as easy as he says it is. Thank you, I am free!!!

emily said,

12:01, Aug 14, 2014 #

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Colleen and the team there for what I thought impossible, 3 weeks almost a non smoker.
I literally walked out a non smoker.
You’ve changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful …

Emily xx

rohitrajan said,

21:09, Aug 13, 2014 #

I am finally free from the clutches of the wretched monster.I have been trying since a long time to stop this dreaded disease and the moment I started reading your book I knew this was my moment of revelation. Thank you so much easy way and god vless you Allen

Chloe said,

13:13, Aug 13, 2014 #

I read the whole book last night (I was determined) and I have woken this morning feeling so happy, to the point where I had happy tears, that I am now a non-smoker. Everytime I think of smoking, I remind myself it doesnt relax me, it makes me worse and traps me into the never ending chain. I genuinely have no desire to smoke anymore!

I understand Allen Carr sadly passed away but I wanted to pass on my thanks, this is really going to help me, I will never smoke another cigarette again!

Thank you for the great work you are doing.


Deborah Smith said,

12:05, Aug 13, 2014 #


I’m afraid I can’t record a video, but I did want to drop you a line letting you know that I visited your seminar over three years ago on 9 July 2011. A friend of mine was very much interested in attending. I wasn’t as keen but after a lot of discussions, I agreed to go with her. I enjoyed smoking previously, often over a pack a day. I didn’t particularly want the seminar to work but attended for the sake of my friend. I also wasn’t convinced that it DID work and when we had to symbolically “throw away” our pack of cigarettes at the end of the day, I did, but cheekily kept my second pack in my hand bag, convinced I’d want a smoke on the way home. Well, I never touched that second pack again. I kept waiting for the moment when I wanted a cigarette but it never came.

It was naïve of me to think that I didn’t want to quit. I had no idea of the benefits of not smoking!! I have energy again and can get out of bed in the morning – I’ve completed 2 half marathons and cycle 8 miles to and from work every single day now, rain or shine. I am actually a social person again – I go to parties and actually talk to people as opposed to plotting how I’m going to get my next cigarette. I’m better at my job – I actually can sit down and concentrate for long periods of time as opposed to nipping outside every 20 minutes to “re-energize” with a smoke-break. My skin glows. My nails are a normal color and not yellowed. I don’t smell. The list goes on. It never struck me what a vile habit it was until I became a non-smoker. I still have no idea how you did it, but thank goodness you did!!

I’m sorry I am unable to record a video, but I’m always very happy to tell people my story and to recommend your services. If there is any other way I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am extremely indebted!!

Many thanks,

Asa said,

12:00, Aug 13, 2014 #

Hi everyone

I have recently read book easy way to stop smoking an have now stopped smoking Never felt so good Waking up early and ready for the days events to unfold with great expectation rather than with negative thoughts

Best 9.99
Ever spent


Sergei said,

03:53, Aug 11, 2014 #

The book doesn’t help to give up smoking, it helps not to start smoking again.
After 15 years I’m free at last. God bless Allen Carr!

Sergei 29, Russia

dougk said,

15:02, Aug 09, 2014 #

after being a pack-a -day smoker for 27 years i had resigned myself to the fact that i would never be able to quit. i had tried the patch, the gum, the pills and nothing had worked.

this book is TRULY amazing, i cannot believe how easy it was to free myself from cigarettes. i have been recommending it to every smoker i know. it is simply incredible.

Chloe said,

09:41, Aug 07, 2014 #

I gave up 5 days ago using the ‘Willpower Method’. I must admit I was struggling a little and kept thinking, how am I going to relax again, this is hard, I am doing it because I am determined, but I don’t really want to deep down… Oh how I realise now why I was thinking those thoughts!!! Last night my copy of ‘Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking’ finally arrived and I read it, front to back, in 4 1/2hours. It’s not necessary to still be smoking whilst reading the book, I was worried about that a bit (how silly) but of course if you are still a smoker I can see why it’s important… There were moments when I was reading where I was literally saying to myself ‘Oh my god, it’s so true, so obvious yet so true!!!’ This morning I woke up and for the first time felt truly happy that I no longer smoke. Genuinely, I shed a little happy tear and am feeling a bit emotional right now just thinking about it tbh. Everything Allen says is so true and it’s so helpful to keep his points in your mind to help you through, but it really is easy now!!! I know I am never going to smoke again. I would really recommend the book, and I expect the classes will be just as good. Thank you Allen and everyone who now works for Easyway, keep up the fantastic work, you are ridding the world of millions of little monsters :) Yippee I’m a non-smoker!!!

Barb said,

23:01, Aug 06, 2014 #

Three weeks. Quit a week after reading your book. Thanks

Susan said,

11:49, Aug 05, 2014 #

Attended Allen Carrs clinic in Raynes Park. That was 12 days ago and I can say I am so happy! I was a 20 a day smoker and had also been addicted to the nicotine gum so for me it was now or never! I still don’t understand it, how I can feel happy I don’t smoke, I thought id be miserable! The first couple of days were slightly hard but after that I now just stand with smokers, can drink with smokers and still do not want to smoke. It is such a big achievement for me and it was so easy to do! That’s why it’s called easyway I guess! So thank you Allen Carr and the lovely staff at Raynes park. I am free and the way I feel, I can truly say I’m free forever!

Jatin Tarkunde said,

06:48, Aug 05, 2014 #

Dear Allen,
Thank you for writing the easyway method to quit smoking and drinking. It has been seven months to the day that I quit and now have no urge to smoke at all. I have also bought the other book “how to reduce alcohol” and am on the verge of taking my vow.
I want to start your sessions in India and seek to be a easyway therapist. That way I can really help people just like you helped me. I will be contacting your people soon for this.
God bless you wherever you are.

Nagpur, India

Valdez said,

18:39, Aug 04, 2014 #

Thank you :-)

Peter Beckerley said,

15:09, Aug 03, 2014 #

I celebrated my 50th birthday a few weeks ago. I smoked my last cigarette when I was 40, because of Allen’s book. I haven’t had a puff since nor have I have ever been tempted to do so – indeed, I tell everyone that I would pass ‘The Blindfold Test’ i.e. if I was about to be shot and I was offered a fag after the blindfold I would turn it down. You only pass The Blindfold Test with Allen’s method.

Having turned 50 I’m now reading his Easyway to control drinking…

I have two heroes, both of whom have increased the quality of my life on a regular basis. One is David Bowie, who I listen to every day. The second is Allen Carr.

Matt said,

12:18, Aug 03, 2014 #

Just to say thanks really. I am a massive skeptic when it comes to stuff like this, but it just works. Over 400 days of not smoking now with no cravings and none of the symptoms usually associated with quitting. Quick tip for those based in the UK, NHS do a free app where you enter your quit date and how much you smoked. It does a tally of days quit and money saved. Really motivating. Thanks again.

James MacNeill said,

00:41, Jul 28, 2014 #

I’ve just recently read Allen Carr’s Easy way to stop smoking. And, thank goodness I did,Thanks to my doctor who recommended the book. It opened my eyes beyond belief!!!. I never realized there was so much to learn. Mostly about why I smoked in the first place and all the brainwashing!!! I started when I was 13. Just as he mentioned in the“canadian edition” of the book. I am from Regina,Saskatchewan, Canada, 52 years old, and have been trapped for almost 40 years!!! After reading this book, I have broken free!!!. beyond the shadow of doubt. I truly believe I will “NEVER” smoke again, and only wish I could have met Allen Carr in person to thank him personally!!!. Thank-You EASYWAY!!!. I will spread the word as much as I possibly can!!!

Janet Allen said,

00:36, Jul 26, 2014 #

OK, I know it was only yesterday I attended the London clinic but I have not had any cravings at all. I was wondering how it would work especially as I smoked 20-30 cigs a day. I am amazed how easy it has been, I walked in a smoker and walked out a NON SMOKER. Nothing else in the past worked eg gum or patches. We were told the reason why. All made sense. I will advise anyone I know who wants to give up to give you a call. It has been the best thing I have done. You worked a miracle so to speak. THANK YOU COLEEN, You are a saviour. No longer am I a slave to cigarettes. EASYWAY – Yes it is. VERY VERY EASY.

Alex M said,

13:43, Jul 25, 2014 #



After 17 years of smoking, i slid slowly into chain smoking. I had lost my life. I was an addict. It happened so slowly. I was stuck in a nightmare always. And the addiction made me believe i couldnt live a happy life without cigs.
I was sick for an entire year with a cold and couldnt remember the last time i felt good and i was still chain smoking.

I always told myself i would quit at 30. Lies from the monster!!!!
A friend told me about your book about a whole IT department quitting with it. And after 3 weeks of my throat hurting non stop and medicine no longer working i decided to buy the book. I didnt believe it would actually happened. A week later I knew i had to escape the nightmare. And on Saturday 7/12/14 i escaped!!!!!!!! I am free!

3 days of withdrawal and anxiety. Then a little craving here and there but i knew it would pass. I would never be tricked by the monster again.
And today i lost count of the days. I am free.

Thank you so much for continuing the legacy of Mr. Carr. He has saved countless lives. He is a modern saint.
I wanted to share my experience.


Vere said,

13:38, Jul 25, 2014 #

Endlich Nichtraucher

Vince, USA said,

10:19, Jul 25, 2014 #

I just became a nonsmoker after watching the Allen Carr Easyway DVD. First off, I must say that for some reason the last cigarette I smoked was the worst tasting thing in the world, and reminded me of how awful the first one was nine years ago. Second, it reminded me of when I decided to never smoke weed again back in high school. Back then, I knew the drug would make me lazy and keep me from achieving my goals while my friends would continue to lag behind. It would take away moments I would never get back to reach for my dreams. I realize now that for the last nine years another drug (nicotine!) took its place, stealing moments I will never get back. It stunted the achievement of many endeavors and will never do so again. I have a lot of catching up to do, and am excited to have my ENTIRE life back. Thank you EasyWay for helping me to recover from being a drug addict!

Jenna said,

12:27, Jul 22, 2014 #

Im freeeee

I have been smoking for 20 yrs at 20 fags per day. After reading Easy way to stop smoking I can say
Yippeeee I’m a non smoker!
Thank you and love sent to Allen up above…what a hero!

Angela said,

19:29, Jul 19, 2014 #

Allen Carr certainly had it right… I am free of the hype they feed us about cigarettes. They dress them up in attractive packages and we think it is a worthwhile purchase. When he referred to the cigarette as your “little friend” I definitely could relate. And, “paying the little monster to kill you”, certainly took that idea of a little friend away! I thank you Allen for sharing your story and helping to save us one by one. A real friend shared this book with me, and I will share it with someone I care about.

Morgan Griffin said,

15:22, Jul 19, 2014 #

I read this book in 2 days, I couldn’t put it down, and wanted to stop smoking even before I finished it, however following instructions (so important) I forced myself to carry on smoking until the end. Today, 2pm, I put my last cigarette out and feel liberated after 39 years of smoking – no cravings even with having an evening drink which was my trigger – unbelievable. I went out for my first walk with the dog as an ex-smoker and felt so proud I just wanted to tell everyone I met, that feeling is priceless and exhilerating and I will never lose that.

Julien said,

10:49, Jul 17, 2014 #


J’ai arrêté de fumer !


loraine said,

12:44, Jul 15, 2014 #

Attended a seminar in Glasgow in 2012 and have not smoked a cigarette since. Should be offered by the NHS

Dave said,

13:34, Jul 14, 2014 #

Dear Allen,

I’m 54 and been a smoker for 25 years plus, tried patches, will power, e cigarrettes, vape sticks and gym memberships…always the same result…I still smoked.

Read your book about a month ago and watched some video’s on you tube and I haven’t smoked since, I literally just stopped!!

Never going back to that nightmare so a massive thank you to you and your organisation, I would rank this as probably one of the biggest achievements in my life.

Keep up the good work, I’m spreading the word!!



Karin said,

16:13, Jul 13, 2014 #

Five years as a non smoker. God bless Allen Carr! It was easy. In fact several days after I quit, I started to feel so good, happy. I was never a heavy smoker for those thirty years but that actually made it easy to stop and start. I must have failed a hundred times. But when my father passed, I realized smoking never calms nerves. It just momentarily pushes the pain away.

Thank you for making my world a better place.

Praveen Bali said,

06:28, Jul 10, 2014 #

Yesterday 9th July’2014, I completed 2 years of being a non-smoker.
Infact, i do not want to keep the count, but this is just to help anyone else reading these testimonials, to make up his/her mind to Quit Smoking the easy Way!

I feel so liberated, am able to enjoy each moment of my life. I feel healthy on all accounts, and definitely i handle stress better now.
My personal as well as my professional life is looking UP.

Thanx Alan (RIP). It’s all because of the fantastic book which you have written, and in my second attempt reading the book (2 years back), I QUIT..and QUIT for ever. I would request all Smokers, to give 1-2 tries with this book or the courses conducted. It will change your LIFE, and for Good.


Shaun said,

20:33, Jul 08, 2014 #

Well, got the book, took 3 days to read, very odd, but one month later not a drop has passed my lips. not because I wanted a drink but managed to resist, but the book took away ANY desire for alcohol, don’t want it, wont need it, and love the freedom, FANTASTIC |

satwinder said,

14:03, Jul 07, 2014 #

i have been smoking for the past 12 years and over the last few years it got worse to the point that i was on around 30 a day,

i have never attempted to quit and thought that i would give this book a try by recommendation from a friend, im happy to say that i am now day 3 into not smoking and am very happy :)

thank you Allen Carr your the best :)

Paul Palmer said,

20:20, Jul 06, 2014 #

I read this book while on holiday in Turkey and I stopped by day 3! I even turned down cheap Duty Frees and that has to tell you something!

This book will quite literally give you many more years!

Thanks AC

Jon said,

09:33, Jul 06, 2014 #

I used Alan Carr’s method to stop smoking. I am free of cigarettes for 8 months now and I know I will not go back. It is as easy as he says. I didn’t even buy the book that cured me! A friend gave it to me. However, I now recommend the method to anyone who I think could benefit. It’s great to be free of a drug that was killing me slowly. After 20 years smoking I can breathe again. I’m going to the gym. I’m losing weight. I feel great.

Denzil said,

13:49, Jul 04, 2014 #

It has been a year and a half since I stubbed my last cigarette and I don’t feel anything. It’s the best thing that has ever happened and now when I think back on the times I used to smoke I still find it hard to believe that I finally did it. Thank you Allen Carr. God bless your soul.

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