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What happens at our Stop Smoking clinics?

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Christina, Hannover said,

09:23, Sep 29, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin ein Nichtraucher:)
Dankeschön! !!! Richtig cool. Bin glücklich ein Nichtraucher zu sein!!!
Und hab auch gleich zwei Freunde angesteckt. .. ;) lg Tina

Viju Patel said,

09:22, Sep 29, 2014 #

I attended Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking seminar on 1st August 2014. It was a good experience. I used to smoke 40 cigarettes costing me some GBP17.50 per day. Its been 57 days since I quit and I have managed to save approx GBP1,000 by not smoking.

This method has worked for me and for those who are trying to quit, please join and take advantage of this effective method. It will improve your life, you will regain your energy and coughing will decrease within 1 month. I lost the craving within 1 week of stopping and feel much better. Patches, gums dont work.

For those who have succeded, please pass on this message to others to help them get the courage to attend the seminar. Its very friendly and easygoing.

best regards

Viju Patel

Caroline Lapinskie said,

09:16, Sep 29, 2014 #

I just want to let everyone know who is thinking about it ‘TO DO IT’. I shall be eternally grateful to easyway for being able to stop a total skeptic giving up the 40 a day habit….I have not once had any cravings and not put a pound on in weight. I have, however,been on two wonderful Carribbean holidays on the back off this…..3 years since I had my last puff in Edinburgh.
Thanks xx

Ben said,

09:15, Sep 29, 2014 #

I bought the Easyway book about 5 months ago. I’d been a smoker on and off for 20 years and had never managed to quit for more than a month. Interestingly, I identified myself as one of the types of smoker described in the book and also identified with the excuses smokers use to justify smoking. Once i reached the last chapter, I put the book down for a month because a) I was scared to finish the book and therefore be a non smoker, and b) didn’t believe simply reading the last chapter would magically transform me into a non smoker. However, eventually I did read the last chapter and then, as instructed, went outside to light my last cigarette. It was repulsive. I had to force myself to finish it. Since finishing the last chapter, I haven’t smoked or wanted to smoke another cigarette. I know that’s what the book said would happen, but I still find it incredible. Thank you. Ben, Northampton

Anne-Marie said,

22:02, Sep 28, 2014 #

Allen Carrs book is the greatest gift I have been given and I feel like I had to get in touch to thank someone.
I have tried all methods, I have felt all of the withdrawal, been totally miserable and of course so disappointed and annoyed when I would light up again.
I read Allens book in two days and I’m proud to say I am a happy non smoker with over a month at this point and I cannot believe how easy it was. I remember putting out my last cigarette and I knew this time was different. I smiled as I stamped it out and never looked back.
I am so grateful to everyone involved in this book, the only method that truly works and makes me feel amazing, proud and accomplished.
I never want another cigarette and I know I will never have one. This thought before would have filled me with fear but now all I can do is smile. I am a happy now smoker. I am free.
The benefits are immediate and I feel so much healthier and feel fantastic to know my body is now healing from this abuse.
I cannot describe to you how this works, it has changed my whole view on cigarettes and anyone out there who is thinking about quitting try this method first! I wish I had.
Thank you to Allen, thank you to everyone how was responsible for getting this book into my hands,
Anne Marie, Ireland

Julia said,

13:00, Sep 23, 2014 #

It has been a month since I attended the alcohol clinic and I can honestly say that it was one of the easiest things I have ever done. I haven’t drunk a drop since and I honestly believe I will never drink again. It has been really liberating and I would say that if you have got to the point where you are thinking of attending a clinic – do it. You won’t regret it.

Nilesh said,

08:19, Sep 23, 2014 #

Yippee! I’m a non smoker

The first time in my life I can say I’ll never smoke again and truly mean it. I look forward to ridding my body of the monsters.


Michelle, Victoria, Australia said,

12:59, Sep 22, 2014 #

Thank you so much for making it so clear.

I am so happy and proud to be a non smoker.


Cooper said,

14:55, Sep 18, 2014 #

I read the book in the space of a day. I kept popping out for a cigarette whenever I had a moment as I was ‘worried’ the book would actually work (lol). IT DID!! I finished reading it at home. when I got to the now its time to light your last cigarette bit I found myself both thinking I don’t want to and but I still have six left in the pack (I used to have this rule where I could never stop smoking until I finished the pack otherwise it was a waste of money. Hows that for logic!!)…. Anyhow’s I put out the cigarette about 4 puffs in and threw the rest away. I’m currently 5 days free (and I do feel soooooo free) and not wanting to ever smoke again. I know I am not missing out by not smoking. And know that I will never smoke again. Ever!

Thank you so very much :)

Clarice Anderson said,

11:46, Sep 18, 2014 #

I posted this to my Facebook page…Family and friends….I have been a slave to nicotine for more years than I can remember and tobacco was my favorite source of the fix. Over the years to kick the habit, I turned to patches, nicotine gum, e-cigs…and was about to try the new rage vapors or “vaps”….until a good friend, who has pretty much gone down the same path as I with many failed attempts at quitting, read a book and quit…..yes a book. I doubted it too until I realized he was happy, calm and resolute to the fact he was a non-smoker and more so, nicotine free. I read this book and now so am I. I know I will never smoke another cigarette, nor will I put any nicotine in my body again. This book is by a man named Allen Carr and his book is called “The easy way to quit smoking” there is one specifically for women..I read both versions, but was done with nicotine by the end of the first. So long story short….if you smoke and want to quit or know someone who wants to quit….read the book. Spread the word!!

Michael said,

15:25, Sep 17, 2014 #

My Name is Michael from wiesbaden / Germany ….

I smoked 20 years … Every Day 20-25 cigarettes .

I read your Book and Quit Smoking ….

Thank you …

Richard, AUSTRALIA said,

09:20, Sep 17, 2014 #

Hi Allen,

Firstly, I’d like to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

Your book, Easy Way to Stop Smoking, has changed me and changed my life.

I wouldn’t have called myself a heavy smoker, but having smoked since the age of 17 I felt it was time to give up and free myself.

Time and time again I tried the willpower method. Only to be struck down by my own sick and pathetic excuses to convince myself that I would feel better to have just “one more cigarette”

Your book really had an effect on me. And in the most positive way imaginable.

Only 2 weeks ago, according to my fiancé, I was an absolute nightmare to be around. This was after a few days of using the willpower method.

Since reading your book I feel like a changed man.

I am much more pleasant to be around, have much more energy and am considerably calmer at work.

If there was one thing I could do in my life that would truly mean the world to me, that would be to shake your hand.

Thank you again. I am Free!!!!!

Yours Sincerely,


pete said,

09:14, Sep 17, 2014 #

just to let you know iv been reading the book for a couple of days and now am glad to say I'm a non smoker thank you

Tyrone said,

08:35, Sep 16, 2014 #

Hi Allen

Thank you for your method! The simple thought that smoking is a punishment is a powerful mind set. I’m not a total smoker, it was a habit formed through my massive love for marijuana, which I always mixed with some tobacco, and since I stop smoking weed, which was really easy by the way, I have realized that I had picked up the nasty habit of smoking tobacco, and have smoked tobacco since then.

I choose, today, to not punish myself, to kill my jailer, that he has a chokehold on me that I can defeat easily. I will reward myself each and everyday with fresh air and a healthy body.

Thank you, after this final pipe of tobacco, which tasted like the punishment it truly is, this tobacco bong and this bag of Virginian tobacco have entered dustbin and put a smile on my face.


Rachel said,

08:26, Sep 16, 2014 #

Attended the alcohol seminar on 9th August with Cris, 5 weeks ago tomorrow and 5 weeks today since I last had a drink.

Well I think now I feel secure enough to confirm that it worked! A very heavy drinker and alcohol dependent for many decades I no longer feel like drinking and I certainly don’t miss it!

Have gone through an amazing transformation. I used to be cynical, depressive and had very little self-confidence. Now I am trusting, positive, confident and I have my self-respect back. I have also lost over a stone and a half in weight!

I still have many of the same problems in my life but they don’t bother me any more. It is amazing what you can cope with when you have your physical and mental health back.

I have no trouble getting up at 5am and running up to 8 miles a day now, in fact I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get the running shoes on. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all!

I managed to get a last minute charity place to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 12th October. I’m working out how much money I have saved by quitting the booze and donating it to the charity instead. It is already an astonishing amount of money!

I think you saved my life Cris, no exaggeration. I will be thinking of you and Allen Carr when I cross that finish line and I will be in touch to let you know my finishing time!

I waited 5 years to find the courage to do this. Don’t wait another day, you only get one life…..

Rachel, London

Ranju said,

08:22, Sep 16, 2014 #

I never write reviews! but I am eternally grateful and amazed at how Allen Carr’s books and particularly the seminar worked for me. I was a hard and fast smoker, desperate to stop :((. Used to cry and smoke at the same time, desperate to stop. After this appraoch, it just worked, I dont want to give the magic away, but just to say whilst its magic, it is obviously simple. Enjoy a new life and being a None smoker!

Stephany Lynn Williams said,

00:53, Sep 15, 2014 #

I will tell you right now…I have tried EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything known to man…Except for common sense, that is. As a very active teenager with aspirations of being in Cardiac medicine one day, nobody would have had ME believe that I could have ever placed a cigarette in my mouth. But I did. And have had nothing but pure regret, as well, as feeling 35 years above my true age, as a result.
Mr. Carr puts this in plain simple diction, and addresses as well as dispells the so many various misconceptions about stopping smoking.
His no nonsense, honest approach makes the client do two important things, that being, Addressing the Issue of why I smoked, and Self Awareness.

It is as simple as that.
The day I bought that book is the last day I bought my pack of cigarettes. I knew that this book, was going to make me finally understand my addiction…In a way one could say I traded one addiction for another, that being this book..I opened the first chapter inside of three minutes of buying it, and I could not put it down. I devoured every single letter in that book. Being a woman with asthma, and valve problems since birth, at 53 years of age, this book, has , SAVED MY LIFE.

THANK YOU ,Mr. Carr, from the bottom of My Heart xox

Selina said,

15:12, Sep 11, 2014 #

Endlich Nichtraucher


Seit einer Woche bin ich Nichtraucher und fühle mich so gut. Danke!
Ich habe das Buch empfohlen bekommen und werde es einigen zu Weihnachten schenken.
Ich muss gestehen, dass ich sogar gerne Raucherin war. Ich habe es nur immer bereut mit 13 Jahren damit angefangen zu haben. Ich habe nie viel geraucht, aber es immer genossen. Es gab für mich jedoch viele Gründe aufzuhören wie z.B. der Husten der mich fast umbrachte.

Zum Buch: Ich dachte: “Lesen schadet ja nicht “und erzählte meinem Mann von dem Buch, was er mir am nächsten Tag gleich schenkte. Das Buch hat mich von Anfang an zum Nachdenken bewegt. So gut, dass ich sogar einige Wochen nicht weiter gelesen habe, weil ich wusste, dann höre ich auf und ich trauerte um die Zigarette. Peinlich das zuzugeben. Als ich dann erkannte wie krank ich bin, dass ich wirklich stark süchtig bin, habe ich im Urlaub jeden Tag gelesen. Eines Morgens bin ich aufgewacht, weil ich schlecht geträumt hatte und habe mir gesagt: “Du wirst nie wieder rauchen, das ist doch pure Scheiße”. (Entschuldigung für die Ausdrucksweise
Also habe ich schon ca. in der Mitte des Buches aufgehört, es jedoch weiter gelesen, um mich weiter zu stärken.
Nun erfreue ich mich am Leben des Nichtrauchers. Ich bin mir sicher, ich bin befreit, weil es sich anders anfühlt als meine letzten Versuche.

Besonders klar wurde mir es als ich nach dem Tipp von Allen Carr, diese Woche eine Frau beobachtete, die kurz vor einer Zughaltestelle zur Schaffnerin lief und aufgeregt fragte, wann der Zug denn weiter fahren würde, sie bräuchte dringend eine Zigarette. Die Schaffnerin sagte, dass es gleich weiter ginge, es nur ein kurzer Stopp wäre. Die Frau machte ein Todesgesicht. Die Schaffnerin nickte und zeigte auf das gelbe Quadrat am Boden ( Raucherbereich am Bahnsteig), direkt gegenüber der Tür und sagte:“Gehen sie schnell, wenn die Türen aufgehen. Ich winke Ihnen dann zu, wenn es weiter geht”. Die Schaffnerin hatte Verständnis und war bestimmt Raucherin. Die Frau faltete die Hände, bedankte sich mehrmals und sprang aus dem Zug. Währenddessen versuchte sie die Zigarette anzuzünden. Sie zog innerhalb von Sekunden 5 mal. Es sah so aus, als würde sie die Zigarette fast aufessen und hätte eine Woche lang nichts gegessen. Es war widerlich. In mir stieg Mitleid auf. Die Frau lachte einmal, als sie aus dem Zug sprang, der Rest war schon vom Zuschauen pure Anstrengung. Die Frau musste dann schnell zurück in den Zug, das Prozedere dauerte etwa eine halbe Minute und ich dachte nur:” Zum Glück werde ich sowas nie erleben”.

Danke dafür!

Daniel, Leeds GB. said,

15:11, Sep 11, 2014 #

Hi allen. Im 29 years and smoked since i was 17. Ive always been athletically fit and smoked only ten a day unless getting drunk, But i thoroughly detested it in the last few years. Im on day 5 of not smoking but ive already had two evenings where i have been drunk and not even been temted to smoke. I thought prior to reading your book i would fail, like i have countless times before. I thought this because i understand psychology and thought i would pick the book apart bit by bit trying to counteract the psychology used. However, understanding it is what really worked. I agreed with everything you said and when i got to about chapter 6 or so i was really getting to enjoy the concept of stopping and embraced the process. To be honest i was ready to stop 2/3 in. I had to buy a ten deck and justified it based on an assumption the last page would be a sort of “light a cigarette and read the last page” type afair. Even though im only 5 days in i know deep down this is it. When you know, you know. I feel uterlly stupid for not doing this years ago. I will be spreading this title like wild fire and will enjoy strengthening your legacy by doing so.
I sincerly thank you for setting me free!!!!

Warmest regards


Leeds. Yorkshire. GB.

Shanaz said,

13:40, Sep 11, 2014 #

I have to write my first review ever, to say thanks a million to the Easyway clinic at Raynes Park. I had begun to think I would be a smoker for life but when my GP asked to test me for COPD I knew I needed to seek serious help to quit (I’d been smoking for 28 years). Even then, I felt like only half of me wanted to quit. Within a week I attended a session at the Raynes Park clinic. That was 07/06/2013 and I haven’t smoked since. I am ecstatic that I am no longer controlled by nicotine. I have yet to go for the actual COPD test (trying to give my lungs some time to recover) but I feel so much better. I had also started to look grey and quite frankly rough yet within a few weeks of stopping, friends and family said that I looked so much better too. I swear if this can work for me it will work for anyone. I can’t thank you enough and have recommended you to every smoker I know.

Best wishes,

Roman, Austria said,

13:39, Sep 11, 2014 #


Debby said,

13:36, Sep 11, 2014 #


I read Easy Way to Stop Smoking wearing a nicotine patch having already smoked my last cigarette. Half way through the book I took off the patch, and haven’t looked back. I can’t wait to buy this book for my smoking children and their partners. Thankyou Allan Carr, I thought I would never be free, but Yippee! I’m a Non Smoker !!! Your book has been a revelation and given me all the tools I need to conquer the Black Shadows which haunted me, and kill the small monster. I will keep it nearby for future reference.

Debby, 58, enrolled nurse.

Sharon Farmer said,

12:13, Sep 07, 2014 #

I read the Easyway for women to stop smoking and it transformed my life!
My husband was away in Afghanistan and I was on my own 24/7 in a foreign country with a toddler. Despite all this stress, It was truly the easiest thing I have ever done, no cravings, no temptation to smoke, even though no-one would have known!
It’s been 8 years now and I can’t believe I ever smoked at all, I’m so much healthier, richer, and my life is no longer ruled by smoking. I would advise any smoker to try this, you have nothing to lose and a whole new life of freedom is out there waiting for you!

Crista Rusnak said,

17:24, Sep 03, 2014 #

Wahoooooo! I did it! I tried to stop smoking with the willpower method for almost 20 years.I read the book and I followed the guidelines and I am free from smoking! I’m on day 12 (I never made it more than a day). I can be around people that smoke and have no desire to poison myself anymore! I am 43 with a 7 yr old boy who is very active! I’ll have more energy and time for Chad and perhaps now I’ll live long enough to meet my grandchildren. Thank you Allen Carr! Your book saved my life!

Jess Hartree said,

14:11, Aug 31, 2014 #

All I can say is that it is like Magic. Magic like you feel when you are a little kid watching a magician. It’s been 2 weeks smoke free for me and I just know that I will now be a non smoker forever. I do keep thinking at the moment that surely there will be a moment where I will cave…. but there never is…. It’s so good :-) I listened to the audio version of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to stop smoking. I had downloaded it onto my Ipad months and months ago but was scared to play it. Scared to become a non smoker… Unreal! One night I had a long drive to do and I needed some new audio to listen to. I saw this audiobook and went “right, here we go” still sceptical and scared…. I finished this audiobook over a few nights and now 2 weeks ago I had my last cigarette… forever… I feel so great and magical myself and cannot wait to share this amongst my friends. I want them all to realise its actually just so Easy… Thank you Allen. So So much.
Jess … QLD.. Australia

Louisa said,

07:41, Aug 29, 2014 #

I had my treatment about 10 years ago in Southampton, GB and I’m still a non-smoker! It has 100% worked for me. I walked out of the session thinking there’s no way it would work – but 10 years on I still don’t think about buying cigarettes or lighting one. It’s great!

Seamus said,

21:01, Aug 27, 2014 #

I never got around to letting you know I quit July 1st 2014 using the book as recommended by a friend. I have recommended to others and they were also successful. 10 years on and still not smoking. Thanks. Seamus in London.

Yvonne said,

10:49, Aug 27, 2014 #

Yippee I’m a none smoker. Thank you and God Bless you all x

Maxim said,

10:48, Aug 27, 2014 #

Thank you for ALLEN CARR ‘ S EASYWAY

Mark said,

10:47, Aug 27, 2014 #


My last smoke was 6:30am on Friday, July 25. That I am holding steady is in large part due to your book’s advice, and much self -talk on my own. Though I will confess to saying something naughty and flipping the bird at Philip Morris when I passed their corporate HQ on Friday.

Rockville, Maryland

Артем said,

10:46, Aug 27, 2014 #

Thank you so much! I’m very happy use the Easy way! I’m FREE!

Manuel said,

14:56, Aug 26, 2014 #

I want to share this experience, I smoked for over 30 years twice try to quit smoking, it succeeds only for a few hours, more than 30 cigarettes smoked daily.
One day browsing youtube I found a video of Mr. John Lord (Presenter of the video Allen Carr “Easyway”), lasting a little over 1 hour. To quit.
I can attest that it was a CLICK for my life
I am grateful to Allen Carr, I have three weeks of not smoking
And I feel very proud and forever stop this drug nicotine.
All this is very strange because I do not even remember the cigars and live happy for what is happening to me.
Hopefully these will come thanks to Allen Carr, I’m from Santiago de chile and every smoker I know I tell you.
very grateful

Quiero compartir esta vivencia, yo fumaba por mas de 30 años en dos ocasiones trate de dejar el cigarro , solo lo logre por unas horas , fumaba mas de 30 cigarros diarios.
Un día navegando por youtube encontré un vídeo del Sr. Juan Señor,(Presenter of the video Allen Carr “Easyway”) de una duración un poco mas de 1 hora. Para dejar de fumar.
Quiero dar fe que fue un CLICK para mi vida
Le estoy muy agradecido al Allen Carr, llevo 3 semana de no fumador
Y me siento muy orgulloso ya que deje para siempre esta droga de la nicotina.
Todo esto es muy extraño ya que ni siquiera me acuerdo de los cigarros y vivo feliz por lo que me esta pasando.
Ojala le lleguen estos agradecimientos al Allen Carr, yo soy de Santiago de chile y a cada persona fumadora que conozco les cuento de ustedes.
Muy agradecido
Manuel .

Paul said,

09:27, Aug 26, 2014 #

Re. Alcohol session – Attended 9th Aug with Chris and so far so good,confident that you have done the job for me.i wont bore you with the details but the analogy Chris used from Shawshank Redemption was spot on.
Not a drop has passed my lips .Thanks to all.

Gemma Saunders-Richardson said,

09:24, Aug 26, 2014 #

The benefits of becoming a happy non-smoker have been endless. The main one that has had an impact on me is my anxiety levels have decreased to almost zero and my attention span has increased! I’m able to spend more quality time with my son and not be in a constant worry where my cigs and lighter are!
Through the Allen Carr easy way the experience has been enjoyable and in my opinion the only way to effectively deal with nicotine addiction. Many thanks for getting me back to where I was before I lost my way!

Stefanie from Germany said,

09:23, Aug 26, 2014 #


Thank you! Your book is the best thing that could happen to my life!

Martin Below said,

09:22, Aug 26, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich Bin nichtraucher

Karrie said,

00:59, Aug 26, 2014 #

I read Allen Carr’s Lose Weight Now and by the time I read the last page I couldn’t even look at junk food! I haven’t weighed myself to see if I’ve lost weight but I have no concern over it because I just know my weight problem is solved no matter what the scale says. My clothes fit better and I feel better and I can still eat whatever I want!

Riccardo said,

21:03, Aug 23, 2014 #

Hi, I am Riccardo from Varese, Italy.
I am a non-smoker since 12 January. I was reading the book written by Allen Carr. I started to read it about 6 months ago, but I lost it. When it ‘reappeared’, I continued to read it, and before reaching the last page, I made the decision to stop smoking. I feel very well and I am happy with the decision made.
I did not believe to do it in this way. Stop smoking I thought it was difficult and unpleasant. I was afraid to quit smoking. Instead it was really easy with Allen Carr’s book/method. I thank Allen Carr for what he has done. For smokers who meet on my way I recommend it as a surprisingly easy and effective way to quit smoking.
Best regards,

Bryant said,

13:21, Aug 21, 2014 #

I read Allen’s book and stopped smoking at 1.00am, June the 18th 2007.
I did not believe that I would ever be able to stop. I’d been smoking for 49 years.
But actually it was easy. That is, easy because of the way that Allen put his words together.
I am so grateful that he chose to share his wisdom with us.

Ido Sapan, Israel said,

14:42, Aug 20, 2014 #

thank you very much
when I finished reading the book, I cried from joy because now I know that I am now a happy non smoker thank you very much.

Sarah Mentha said,

03:22, Aug 20, 2014 #

Like most people I was recommended to read Allen Carr’s “easy way to quit smoking” I was extremely sceptical about how a book would help me to quit smoking, but after many failed attempts to quit smoking, using patches, gum and many other substitutes I decided there was no harm in read the book to see what it was about and not only that I really wanted to quit due to feeling extremely unhealthy. So I started reading the book, I continued to smoke whilst reading, I delayed my self reading the book because I was scared about what the end would be like, I was nervous about stopping smoking without anything to substitute smoking and helping me with stressful situations. I eventually finished the book and stopped smoking the very next day. I managed to get through the whole week without smoking, I am now a successful non smoker! I have not smoked for 5 months and I feel amazing! I have been in every situation that a smoker would dread and I am proud to say smoking has not crossed my mind once.. I am so happy I read this book, it is the best thing I have done for myself, I continue to encourage people I know to read and a couple have and they are also successful non smokers. Id just like to say Thank you, I I will continue to spread the word about the great book!
Sarah, Melbourne Australia

Lee Thompson said,

08:28, Aug 19, 2014 #

Dear Allen Carr Reception Team
My name is Lee Thompson and my Allen-versary date is the 16th of January 2011. I have been a happy non smoker for 3 1/2 years after approx. 30 yrs of smoking. I tried the gum, the patches, Biral, accupuncture, everything you can imagine, nothing helped at all.

I did the course in New Zealand and now live in South Africa. I am so happy to be a non smoker and cannot stand being near smokers any more ha ha.

Thanks to the late Allen Carr he saved my life

Zach said,

06:14, Aug 19, 2014 #

I was recommend the book by a friend who never was a smoker, so quite honestly I was a bit skeptical. The title was enough to make me scoff, but it really is just that. It really is the easy way to stop. It effectively changes your attitude to one in which the desire to smoke and maintain a nicotine addiction disappears, provided only that you truly follow the instructions. I tell all of my smoker friends about this book now in hopes that they’ll give it a shot, and finally find their way off the sinking ship, just as I have. I cannot thank Allen enough for sharing such a unique and effective way to quit.

Mark Copland said,

15:23, Aug 18, 2014 #

After being given Allen’s book by a friend, I was determined to not allow nicotine/cigarettes to run/ruin my life, as they had been doing since I was 12 (yes 12, school-boy smoking, etc.)I’m now touching 48 and I’ve not smoked a single cigarette for 1 yr and 5 months. I started reading the book on a Saturday and finished it on the following Saturday night, the next morning I woke up (as y’do ;))looked in the mirror and mentally asked myself if I needed to smoke….and my inner-voice said No!. Allen, if you’re listening, thank you, from the bottom of my…lungs :D…and even though I’m not a religious person,I’m sure there’s a place up there for you! Thanks Again xx

Sydney said,

15:11, Aug 18, 2014 #

I read your book

I just finished your book and today is my mark of one week smoke free. I have never been so glad to be a non smoker! I am realizing that I can breath So much easier now. I also don’t hear wheezing anymore and my chest doesn’t hurt either! At first reading your book I was smoke free for three days on the willpower method, I was angry by reading your book because all I could think about was how BAD I wanted a cigarette… I thought how am I going to get anything from this when all I want is to finish this book so I don’t crave anymore!? but I just kept reading thinking that if I can just finish this book I won’t crave anymore… then some where in the process of reading the cravings just…stopped… like you said I didn’t really feel anything when it happened I just didn’t need or want a cigarette anymore. I saw them for what they truely were. Nasty filthy disgusting things that i wanted no part of anymore. Thank you so much for sharing your own experience. I am so grateful to you. I will be recommending this book to smokers, non smokers, and ex smokers alike. This information is to important to keep to my self. Once again thank you. I hope you continue your mission and help to create a smoke free world.

Oliver said,

15:11, Aug 18, 2014 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher!

julian said,

15:05, Aug 18, 2014 #

dank ihrem Buch bin ich nun seit 3 Wochen Nichtraucher. Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht das Buch zu lesen und ich verspüre auch Überhaupt Kein Verlangen mehr zu Rauchen ! Ich danke Ihnen vielmals für die Hilfe die Sucht Loszuwerden und werde dieses Buch sehr gerne Freunden und Bekannten weiter empfehlen .
Viele Grüße

Judy said,

14:33, Aug 18, 2014 #

37 years addicted and afraid

I never thought in my wildest dreams I could ever stop smoking . In 37 years …….eight hours was the longest I had ever gone without a cigarette. I read your book on a recommendation of a new acquaintance . Thank you for your book because being a non smoker feels GREAT.

Debra said,

20:03, Aug 17, 2014 #

I have considered myself a reluctant “casual” smoker since age 15 but I realize it was age 10 after reading Allen Carr’s book. At age 10 I hated smoking so much and was convinced that if I just showed my parents and grandparents the facts about smoking that they would quit, I pulled together a science project with the help of the local office of the American Lung Association. It was called 14 Minutes of Your Life. I won first prize in my 5th grade school science fair and a $25 US Savings Bond that sits on my desk at work. To gather my “non-smoking” evidence, I sat on my front porch stair steps for days pumping different types of cigarettes —- filtered and non-filtered, Camel and Marlboros — through a pump contraption of two Ball jars filled with a special cotton material made to mimic two lungs. My goal was to reach my “scientific conclusion” about which cigarettes were the most harmful and then share this information with my parents and grandparents so they would quit. I hated cigarettes so much. It broke my heart that the people I loved smoked them. Ha! It was on those same stair steps that I also put the first cigarette to my lips. Little did my innocent and determined heart know the real truth behind smoking that first cigarette. Now I do. Thank you to Allen Carr for sharing the truth. 37 years later I am a non-smoker. I only had to read half your book before I extinguished my last one. It’s only been 8 days but it’s as clear to me now that I am a non-smoker as it was when I was 10 years old and making a sweet but ill-informed effort to protect my parents and grandparents. Thank you! Free at last.

Judy said,

22:25, Aug 15, 2014 #

What DID you do to my brain?! YOU FIXED ME! 

I stopped smoking on August 13 and I am the happiest person on the face of the earth. It really IS easy!!!!

I’ve been a smoker for 33 years and I NEVER thought I’d quit. 

You are a blessing from GOD. You saved my life. THANK YOU

I am telling EVERYONE about you! 

My gratitude cannot be expressed in words. 

Judy Klapwyk

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