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Brendan G said,

03:30, Jan 16, 2015 #

July 16th 2013 – That’s the day I looked at the pack of cigarettes in my pocket and said ‘No, I don’t smoke anymore, I AM A NON-SMOKER”. 18 months later and I have never had a craving or an urge to go back. 25years of smoking and dozens of attempts with everything from patches to pills and all it took was a book. Thank you My Carr, you have changed my life.

Daci Slater said,

15:46, Jan 15, 2015 #

Today is a month I have been a non-smoker! I haven’t struggled at all since my final cigarette and I still do everything I always have done including hanging out with smokers. I was your typical pack a day for 20 years, tried everything, smoked while I was pregnant, lost my mother to lung cancer, had 6 kids guilting me everyday and no matter what I did nothing worked. Your book worked in a way that has everyone including me baffled at how easy my quit was and now I am just a non smoker. Thank You for giving me my life back and if you smoke and are reading this testimonial, read the book you have nothing to lose!

michelle said,

11:28, Jan 14, 2015 #

Il suo libro sul fumo

Salve, io e lei non ci conosciamo, mi chiamo Michelle.
Volevo ringraziarla, mi hanno regalato il suo libro: “È facile smettere di fumare se sai come farlo “ devo ammettere che ero scettica all’ inizio e non pensavo funzionasse ma ora che sono passata dal fumare 20 sigarette al giorno a zero mi sono ricreduta!
Non fumo da una settimana e penso che sia già un’ enorme passo anche se molti lo considerano piccolo e banale. Molti mi dicono che non resisterò ma io sono determinata nonostante alcune volte sento la loro mancanza.
Volevo smettere già da tempo, avevo fatto altri tentativi, ma non avevo resistito a lungo, questa volta c’è qualcosa di diverso, me ne offrono, sto in mezzo a persone che fumano continuamente ma non ne sento una grande necessità o una grande mancanza se non in alcune circostanze.
Ecco, le ho scritto per ringraziarla, grazie a lei e al suo libro sono libera dalle schiavitù della nicotina e non potrei essere più contenta!
Cordiali saluti,

Dave Shuttleworth said,

17:43, Jan 13, 2015 #

My wife bought me the Allen Carr easy way to quit smoking around 10 years ago but I never bothered to read it.

I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to stop smoking (I am 45, have smoked for 20 years and was easily smoking 40 per day. Not only was it killing me but I was spending a fortune to do that to myself) and so I bought the audio book version.

I had in the past tried Champix, the other drug that was prescribed before that one, nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalators, nasal sprays, “throat sprays”, electronic cigarettes, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, will power (haha), “cutting down”, and practically anything else you can think of.

So I was highly skeptical that listening to a guy tell me why I didn’t want to smoke any more would work – BUT IT DOES!

I have come to the conclusion that not only do the tobacco companies hook their victims with the “this is awful, I’ll NEVER get addicted to this” routine, but I believe they have probably perpetuated the myth that giving up smoking is almost impossible.

When you try using the wrong methods (i.e. NOT the Allen Carr method) you do indeed believe it is too hard and you give up, but the truth is this, and I honestly and sincerely mean this:

Giving us smoking is EASY – you just need the right key, and the Allen Carr method IS that key.

Honestly try it – what have you to lose?

Nothing – but you have everything to gain.

It is nothing short of amazing!!!

Kim, United States said,

17:03, Jan 13, 2015 #

This is the 3rd time I have posted here. Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I stopped smoking using Allen Carr’s method after reading his book twice over a year’s time. I woke up that day and it suddenly just all came together and after smoking for 18 years, I stopped. I have not wanted another cigarette since that day 8 years ago. I wanted to reaffirm here that his method works. Thank you Allen Carr. Thank you.

виталий румянцев said,

10:53, Jan 12, 2015 #

Спасибо за вашу книгу
виталий румянцев

Kelly McKie said,

10:16, Jan 12, 2015 #

Finished reading the book 48 hours ago an have not smoked since, nor wanted to! Feel great

Daniel, Syrian Arab Republic said,

10:15, Jan 12, 2015 #

dear allen

i love u man … i love u

My name is Daniel of the Syrian Arab Republic, I want to thank you very much for helping me to quit smoking for the first time in my life, I am 24 years old .. Smoker since r years and this my first week to quit smoking and will get rid of this dirty slavery.

Megan Paley said,

11:56, Jan 11, 2015 #

Hellooooo genius.

Well, what can I say other than a preemptive thank you. I have been a smoker for 8 years and “stopped” on many occasions (NRT, pregnancy related) once for 8 months which was my best time. You are so right in saying that that one cigarette sends you on a steep, downward spiral to being hooked again. Not once have I felt the courage to stop feeding my nicotine monster (I’ve named him Nick) without the help if NRT which as you so clearly point out is completely pointless.
Now, I am not saying it has worked yet, but for the first time out of all my attempts to stop, I feel courage and confidence and faith I myself that this will be for good. I have literally just put the book down, jumped on my treadmill and run a few miles and thought deeply about what you have written, quietly repeating “I want to be a non smoker, therefore I do not want a cigarette, thus making me a non smoker. YIPPEE!”

I feel a very one sided war is on the cards with “Nick”. A battle which he may as well give up on now because I AM GOING TO WIN!

No more white, cancer ridden sticks for me from this day forth.

Thank you, thank you and thank you for your very clear cut perspective and sharing it with “Nick’s” millions of prisoners. I shall be eternally grateful for this book and plan on reporting again in a few weeks time.


Mario Štajduhar said,

20:59, Jan 08, 2015 #

Thank you for such a great philosophical book. I wanted to read your book, not to stop smoking (I’m a social smoker, although, I was a heavy smoker 6 years back), just to see what magic you tell people to made them stop smoking.
Thanks to my curiosity, and of course your genius I realized how much I harass myself and decided not to smoke ever again.

Thank you for making me live better life and probably even longer one.

I am recommending your book to all my friends, smokers or not!

Mario Štajduhar

Tess said,

15:57, Jan 06, 2015 #

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the time you spent with me on Friday 2nd Jan at the Raynes Park clinic. I have not smoked nor felt the urge to since meeting you and I feel very confident indeed that I will remain a happy non-smoker going forward. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it!
I’m forever in your debt, thank you for giving me my life back.

nadia said,

09:12, Jan 05, 2015 #


Thank you Allen for sharing your secret with us.

I truly believe that the best of men are the most useful to their community and you truly are one of them.

Thanks for unlocking one of the most empowering doors in our minds. I found the easyway method to be applicable to other areas in our life because the world, our world is what our mind makes a representation of for us.

If I think I am a none smoker, I will be a none smoker. If I think I’m a great person, I will be a great person.

This matrix works with whatever we wish to be in life.

Vic Parnell said,

16:33, Jan 04, 2015 #

Following all of the instruction with ease, as the book ( as I suspect the seminars are as well ) is so full of truth. I know that I will never again fall into the Nicotine Addiction Trap.

Thank you so much Alan Carr

joseph hackett said,

15:15, Jan 04, 2015 #

hi my name is joseph hackett,i not only stopped smoking,but stopped drinking using life has become so positive,i have recently sent an email asking about possible employment oppertunities,i completely love how the method has changed my life,would love to help pass that message onto others.joe.x

Stefan said,

16:07, Jan 02, 2015 #

Everything fine,i am happy to stop smoke :-)

Marion said,

15:50, Jan 02, 2015 #

HURRA! Ich bin Nichtraucher

Ich habe bereits am 24.8 mit dem rauchen aufgehört und fühle mich wirklich gut. Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung.

Catherine Bell said,

10:30, Jan 02, 2015 #

I attended the session in Leeds with my husband and son on 25 October 2014. We didn’t know what to expect, but all smoked our last cigarette at 5.30 that day and haven’t looked back. After trying NRT and cold turkey, this is the only way to finally quit.

I never thought I’d say it, but I love being a happy none smoker!

Kyle parent said,

09:29, Jan 02, 2015 #

Thank you Allen Carr. You saved/changed my life. I definitly thought I would be a smoker for ever but your way of thinking is the only way of going about quitting. I was smoking 3 packs a day at 25 years old until I read your book. I am recommending it to everybody. I simply cannot express my gratitude with words; but thank you very much.

Frank Pirri said,

03:40, Jan 02, 2015 #

It has been over 5 years for me now. I smoked my last cigarette Aug 23 2009 after 30 years of smoking. I was 8 years old when I started smoking and I never thought I would quit. I read the book in a week and a half. I had a cigarette, read the last 2 chapters and went to bed. The next morning with 1 cigarette left in my pack I never smoked again. I truly believe that I am a non smoker and wonder why I ever did it or why I didn’t stop sooner. I tattooed the word freedom on my arm because I can truly say that I am. Thank you Mr Allen Carr you changed my life.


Leesa said,

16:09, Jan 01, 2015 #

Greetings fellow former and current smokers. Last year I promised myself I would come back here in a year
to report my smoking status. The people who stayed stopped did it for me and they gave me hope that I
Could do it too.

I was a heavy daily smoker spending $75 weekly for cigarettes. I’d smoked for 20+ years. I’m now 48-years
old. I was sick and tired of the affects of smoking including health problems, the smell, the expense,
constant nagging/worry of family and being an outcast by non smokers everywhere.

It was January 2014 when I finally decided to stop. Nothing magical happened no burning bush that said quit. I loved
smoking after all. But, I was curious about how other people quit.

I was researching on the net and ran across a podcast of a woman who had quit using Allen Carr’s book and methods.
She described exactly what happened to hear and how she stopped and stayed stopped. I’ll forever be grateful to this anonymous woman who pointed me to Allen’s book!
I read the book in one day. I stayed up all night into the morning. When I was done I did exactly
what Allen suggested. In the early morning hour I smoked my last cigarette.

On January 11th 2014 I will be a non smoker for one year! I’m so happy to be active in my life today.
I’m back in the gym, rarely sick, saving money, back in esteem with family and friends. I’m genuinely
happy and without cravings.

There have been periods where I’ve thought it’d be ok to have a cigarette. It’s taken a while to learn how to
be a non-smoker in life’s daily up and downs. But slowly I learned what triggered the habit and how to avoid smoking.

Thank you Allen for sharing your experiences and solution to quitting smoking! Best wished to smokers everywhere
If you’re truly ready to quit smoking this can work for you too!

Yurij Vasilyev said,

08:36, Jan 01, 2015 #

20 лет курения и потребления алкоголя, помогли только Вы. СПАСИБО. Надеюсь, с каждым годом будут узнавать правду все больше и больше людей. В России Вас ждут десятки миллионов! Welcome

John K. said,

21:25, Dec 30, 2014 #

I was very skeptical when I was given a copy of the EasyWay to Stop Smoking. My good friend had just quit using your book and decided to buy me one. I was desparate. I had tried to quit for years and nothing had worked.

It took me three days to read the book and on the last of those three days, May 2nd, 2008, I had my last cigarette. It was like waking up from a nightmare I didn’t even realize I was in. After the first month, as a test, I went to the bar with friends, where I would usually chain smoke two to three packs… I didn’t want one that night and I have been free of the curse ever since.

I have bought and distributed many copies of your book since then and given them as gifts to friends and family.

Thank you Allen Carr for helping me escape the nightmare of smoking.

John K.
Albuquerque, NM USA

Tracey Sontag said,

22:40, Dec 29, 2014 #

Dear Allen;
After 35 years of smoking I am free now for five months no withdrawls. I have to say I have no idea why I smoked when It was this easy to quit. I had to quit in order for my doctor to remove the 33lb tumor, but now that I have I can not stand the smell, and reap the benefits daily. Its my goal to get my husband to quit now but he is still a slave. I have to say shame on me for waiting so long I had a friend tell me at a BBQ two years earlier and he smoked two packs a day! Still and proud that I am a NON-SMOKER best money spend was buying your book!

Steve King said,

20:05, Dec 28, 2014 #

I first saw Mr. Carr’s book in passing at a bookstore. I flipped open to a random page, read a little and put it back on the shelf. I remembered it a few days later when I saw it on the shelf at my mom and dad’s house. I asked if I could take it and read it. I have not smoked in the more than a year since. I had been a 1 pack a day + smoker for more than 25 years and never thought I would quit until I read the book. Mr. Carr knew me and how I thought and felt. Thank you Allen.

Kirsten K. said,

20:45, Dec 27, 2014 #

I quit using The Easyway! <3

Chris said,

08:25, Dec 19, 2014 #

Dear Allen

I have been chewing tobacco free for three weeks. Four weeks ago, I went to bed and I felt disgusted by how much tobacco was controlling me. That was my reason for stopping. Always needing it in my pocket, panicking if I didn’t have it close. It felt pathetic.

That motivated me for a week. But during that week I resisted cravings and complained about how much it sucked to quit. I relapsed a week in.

The night I relapsed I went looking for something to help me and ran across your book. It instantly revitalized me and put my mind in the correct state. I have been totally free for three weeks now and cannot see going back to it.

Thank you.

happy non-smoker said,

15:00, Dec 16, 2014 #

Dear Mr. Carr,

I am proud to say that I’ve quit smoking with the help of your book. And thank you, you literally save lives of people.

Samir said,

11:06, Dec 16, 2014 #

Hi Allen my name is Samir im 22 years old and live in Livingston just outside Edinburgh, finished your book, and it is incredibly motivating! I didnt expect it to change my mental stance on the situation and i feel fantastic, 2 days in and i feel tremendous the walk to work in the morning has been more enjoyable not slumbered by the idea of walking i to worl smelling of stale smoke, so I would like to just let you know i appreciate it! A response would be greatly appreciated but not a necessity!

Kind regards Samir

paul said,

23:44, Dec 15, 2014 #

dear allen, i was bought your book by my father after he knew someone that it worked for, i politeley said thank you and then chucked it in a cuboard, i came by the book over a year later, bored decided to read it, i then read it a second time and have never smoked since, that was just over 3 years ago, i smoked 20 a day for 24 years, i really thought your book was going to be utter bollocks, how wrong could i have been, thank you so much, paul, united kingdom

Yoshihiro, Japan said,

13:08, Dec 15, 2014 #

I bought allen carr’s easyway to stop smoking.
I watched you tube allen carr on after 5.
I realized all.
I decide to stop smoking.
Today I quit smoking.
Yeah I’m nonsmoker.
Thank you.

Omar, Saudi Arabia said,

10:53, Dec 15, 2014 #

Hi, my name is Omar from Saudi Arabia and I’m a studying in Nottingham UK. i have read the book in 1 day and i haven’t smoked since.
it was 1 month and 25 days ago that my mother (also an ex-smoker) recommended the book to me after she read it and quit after 30 years of burning her lungs with 80 cigs a day. I read it with an open mind just as its said in the book and now i am free after a pack a day for 5 years and I’m only 20 years old now. i recommended the book to my older sister and hopefully she will quit soon. thank you very much for the awsome book and i will pass it on to the smokers between my family and friends. again, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.

Christian said,

10:52, Dec 15, 2014 #

Ich sag einfach nur „Danke“

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Anna said,

09:13, Dec 13, 2014 #

Эта книга изменила мою жизнь.
12.05.2013 года я выкурила последнюю сигарету (по книге А. Карра), до этого я курила без перерыва даже на день в течении 13 лет. Я не верила в то, что смогу бросить курить, но я понимала (благодаря книге), что это портит мне жизнь намного серьезнее, чем казалось ранее. Признаться честно, это была первая и пока единственная крупная победа в моей жизни. Я просто сделала это, решив не отступать от этого решения никогда.
Это решение изменило мою жизнь: через месяц после последней сигареты я поняла, что действительно сделала это. У меня выросли крылья – теперь я знала, что нет ничего невозможного, если это зависит от тебя лично (а это почти все в жизни). Я уволилась с нелюбимой работы и разорвала все тяготившие меня отношения. Я осталась одна без перспектив на будущее (моя работа была связана с торговлей алкоголем, по многим причинам я поняла, что больше не стану заниматься распространением алкоголя). Целый год я пыталась понять, почему же у меня в жизни ничего не складывалось. А между делом я начала зарабатывать на своем хобби. Не скажу, что добилась на этом поприще очевидного успеха, но зарабатываю не меньше, чем на “нелюбимой” работе. Зато у меня появилось много свободного времени и я стала лучше понимать себя и других. Я занимаюсь любимым делом и общаюсь с теми, кто мне нравится, я не переживаю о будущем – уверена, смогу справиться со всеми трудностями. Я пересмотрела все свои ценности и нашла себя, у меня появилась мечта, у меня есть цели. Новые знакомые не верят, что я когда-то курила, а старые – что не курю :) Я живу почти так, как хочу – не хватает только чуть большего количества денег (но ведь так будет всегда) – это вопрос времени. Я не хочу и не буду останавливаться – буду делать свою жизнь и жизнь других настолько лучше, насколько это в моих силах.
А началось все с моего решения бросить курить и книги, которая заставила поверить.
Если вы хотите изменить свою жизнь в лучшую сторону – начните с того, что устраните из нее то, что вам больше всего мешает (мне мешало курение), затем найдется меньшее зло (в моем случае – нелюбимая работа)и так далее. Не бойтесь потерять все – может оказаться, что ЭТО никогда не было вам нужно! Только потеряв почву под ногами, порой, можно осознать свои страхи и найти силы для их преодоления. И жизнь уже не будет такой, как раньше – она обязательно будет лучше. Я каждый день просыпаюсь с хорошим настроением, я избавилась от массы заблуждений, тяготивших мою душу ранее. Я обрела свободу и силу распоряжаться своей жизнью.

Не могу выразить словами свою благодарность автору – хочу лишь сказать, что от всей души желаю сделать хоть малую долю того добра, что смог сделать он. И большое спасибо его семье и друзьям, а также тем, кто поддерживал его напротяжении жизни. Добро – великая сила.

Освободитесь и будьте счастливы!

Анна, Украина, Киев.

Masa Milenkovic said,

10:28, Dec 11, 2014 #

Dear Allen,
I would like to say a BIG THANK you for the book. The feeling is marvellous.
I was heavy smoker smoking more than 40 ciggarattes a day. I just wanted to
let you know that i totally agree with the theory that the fear prevents us from quiting smoking. Before i started to read the book i was feeling very wierd and even experiencied nicotine crisis even though that day i had my usual quantity of cigarates. So it is about mental influence..

Once again and millions time, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masa Milenkovic

Ulrike said,

10:00, Dec 09, 2014 #

ich habe es auch geschafft

Mandy said,

16:13, Dec 08, 2014 #

4 Weeks and one day ago I smoked my last cigarette. 30 year/20 a day habit, and numerous unsuccessful attempts at quitting, until 09/11/2014. I cannot believe how much better and fitter I feel. I had turned into the ultimate couch potato, happy to while away the hours smoking. I work full time, but outside of work I barely did anything as I had no energy. Now I have had a complete change of lifestyle, I don’t waste my time doing nothing now, I sleep so much better, breathe much better, have taken up exercise because now it doesn’t feel like I’m about to keel over when I do it. I’m a much happier, calmer person – I’m 44 and was a highly strung, shouty worrier – it really is true that smoking creates stress. I handle situations much easier now, and I am so much happier for having broken free – can’t believe how easy it is/was. I read the book, and two friends have since bought it and are now reading it. I am so happy I came across this method, every time I had quit in the past, I felt so depressed – now I’m a very happy non-smoker – thank you!

Jon said,

10:53, Dec 08, 2014 #

I went to one of Allen Carr’s drinking courses just over a year ago and I am delighted to say it changed my life. Since the session, I have not touched alcohol, and my life has turned around. For anyone worried about the price – please don’t be, it’s worth it! Thanks to Cris Hay for running the session and good luck to you all!

Robin Beckford said,

10:46, Dec 08, 2014 #

You only need enough willpower to (a) book yourself a place, and (b) turn up on the day!
That’s the most difficult part of the process.

Omar said,

17:04, Dec 01, 2014 #

Finally free

Hi, my name is Omar Hashim I decided to stop smoking on the 16 of October, after 5 years, and read the hole book in one sitting and until now I am smoke free and will hopefully continue so. Thank you for the great book I will recommend it to all my smoking friends and relatives (already have).

Kind Regards

Catalina, Argentina said,

09:45, Dec 01, 2014 #

Gracias,gracias, gracias, gracias, gracias, gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simplemente lo mejor que me pasó en la vida después de tener a mis hijos. Trataré de ayudar a todo aquel que lo necesite a través de tu libro. Ex fumadora desde hace 20 años y con infinitos intentos fallidos hasta este!!!!!!

Jeff, China said,

16:36, Nov 27, 2014 #

Hi Allen,
I am your reader of Easy Way To Stop Smoking.
So far, i have stopped smoking for 3 days. Or to say i have became as a non smoking person for 3 days.
Good for me and thanks very much!!!

Appreciate if can read your reply.


Katharina said,

11:14, Nov 27, 2014 #

Hurra ich bin Nichtraucher

Natasha said,

10:46, Nov 27, 2014 #

My husband and I attended an “Easyway:Quit Smoking” session in London and we have been smoke free for 6 months today. You guys are RockStars! Can’t believe how easy it was, we were 2 pack a day folks, and how much extra money we now have at the end of the month. Thank you so much.

Thank You
Natasha and Hugh

Corey, New Zealand said,

15:10, Nov 26, 2014 #


Am 23 years old, only smoke occasionally half a pack of cigs over the weekend when in town but can say that I am now SMOKE FREE! Great book and thanks for the help!

Kind Regards,

Veerendra nath.m from india said,

15:05, Nov 26, 2014 #

hi allen this Veerendra nath.m from india. i would like thank you for helping many smokers to kick off their habit, iam also one among them. iam smoker for 12 years. one day i saw your book Easy way to stop smoking which drew attention of me. i started reading the book, after reading of entire book i committed my self i had already smoked my last ciggar and i should not smoke any more.From that point on wards i wanted to be happy ex smoker ever and forever. This all happened because of you and your book. for smokers who wants to kick the habit you are a god.i dont have any words to express my gratitude for helping me to be free from life long i would be indebted to you.

Rosie said,

15:02, Nov 26, 2014 #

Feeling great ive read your book am now officially a non smoker and looking forward to feeling the benefits.
Thank you for your book has helped me a lot and will tell others about it.
Thank you :)

Fiona Lau said,

14:55, Nov 26, 2014 #

It’s a year today that I walked into the Raynes Park Easyway centre as a smoker and left a non smoker. I would never have believed it was THAT easy to stop – but it really was.

From waking up every morning and the first thing I did was smoke, after every meal; when I was stressed; when I had a drink; when I was bored, smoking was part of my life and I thought I would never be able to stop. But I have thanks to Allen Carr and Easyway. It’s that simple.

Please give it a go! You have nothing to lose! You too can regain your life back from the smoking monster! Thank you Allen Carr!! I really do have my life back!!

Lynsey Anderson said,

13:48, Nov 26, 2014 #

Fear of flying – thank you!


I normally don’t write emails like this to people, especially when I’m not sure you’ll even get to read it. But I just wanted to thank you for your book on how to overcome a fear of flying.

I started flying when I was very young and never had any problems. Then suddenly, one day, for absolutely no reason, I was terrified on a flight from Glasgow to Milan. I couldn’t explain how it happened, but I was a crying mess for the duration of the flight.

When I returned to Scotland I got prescribed beta blockers and eventually Valium. And because I’m determined to see the world, and not let my fear stop me, I would pop a couple of Valium, try to concentrate on my destination, but inevitable spend the entire flight miserable, waiting for that moment when we just fell out of the sky.

Nevertheless, I kept going.. I used to text my family before every flight, to send a subtle little goodbye message, just incase the worst should happen.

I’d read all the statistics and I’d known about fear of flying courses, but I couldn’t convince myself to spend that amount of money, when I was convinced that they wouldn’t help.

So long story short, a friend suggested I read your book. I have to say, at the end, I was dubious. I felt calm and relaxed, but I was sitting comfortably on my couch, not 35,000ft above the ground…

I have now flown 5 times since reading your book (one time where I actually suggested taking a 40 minute flight instead of a 5 hour bus journey). The first flight to moscow, I broke down at the airport, but then got on the plane, remembered everything I’d read, and was fine. The second last flight was a pretty bumpy take off, but again, I was fine. And the last flight I took (this morning, 3 hours from athens to berlin), I even fell asleep – something I haven’t been able to do on a plane for fear that something would go wrong.

So the point I’m trying to get to is – thank you! I’ll be recommending your book to everyone I meet who is afraid of flying! I can’t express how great it is to overcome this fear! It really has made such a difference to my self esteem, relationships (I no longer look like an idiot in front of my fiancée) and confidence!

The next flight is in 11 days :-)

Lynsey Anderson

Paul said,

10:14, Nov 26, 2014 #

Yippeee im a non smoker

Gday from Australia, i have just read your book – Easy way to stop smoking, what can i say…
I used to smoke up until about half way through your book, and had for 30 years, but never again i am now a non smoker. YIPPEEEE!
I threw out my tobacco, my rolling papers, and filters i smoked my last disgusting cigarette which was well and truly disgusting, I grabbed the ashtrays and binned the stinking lot.
I have never felt so positive about the future and free from nicotines grip as i do at this very moment.
I truly know i will never smoke tobacco again.
Thank you so much for writing your book im sure it has, from today, changed my life, and my families life. Thank you.
Wow the future sure is looking great
Regards and Thanks again

Valentin said,

01:02, Nov 24, 2014 #

Mersi mult Allen Carr
Am finisat sa citesc cartea Allen Carr’s Easy way to Stop Smoking acum 5 minute ,si sunt convins ca nu voi mai fuma niciodata! Uraaa sunt nefumator!
Odihnestete in pace!
I am from Republic of Moldova

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