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Easyweigh to Lose Weight


  • Leon Nov 3, 03:30 PM

    Thank you for opening my mind. Hi, Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking is almost too good to be true. I have been free of nicotine for 45 days now, and they have been the most enjoyable 45 days of my adult life. I can now claim “I will never smoke again” with the same level of certainty I could claim “I will never jump in front of a bus”. The very thought is completely absurd to me. What’s more, I’ve become a sort of smoking cessation evangelist and have purchased probably 15-20 copies of the book to give to loved ones, …

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Allen Carr turns his method to diet and weight loss with spectacular results. He unravels our misconceptions about food and eating and shows how we can follow our natural instincts to reach our perfect weight. Following the EASYWEIGH method we can eat our favourite foods, reduce digestive problems, avoid the torments of dieting and lead a reinvigourated life.

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